Why Bakers in Kenya Need A Food Handler’s Certificate

why bakers in kenya need food handlers certificate

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In today’s post, I wanted to cover why you need to get a Food Handler’s Certificate for your bakery business.

Are you a baker in Kenya doing business? If so, do you have a food handler’s certificate?

You might be thinking; “Yes, Maureen, I’m a baker, but do I really need a food handler’s certificate and if so, why?”

Yes, you absolutely need a Food Handler’s Certificate. The reason being that the County Council Offices need to make sure that you are indeed fit to handle food that is suitable and safe for public consumption.

So how do I go about getting a Food Handler’s Certificate?

To get the Food Handler’s Certificate, you can visit the city council offices. You will then be directed to the nearest government health lab for tests before being issued with the certificate of good health.

Go to your county council offices to get details of the food handler’s certificate

You will be required to pay the fee which ranges from Kshs. 700 to 1,000 before the lab exam.

At the nearest government health facility, they will test you to make sure you don’t have any food-borne illnesses. This will guarantee that it is safe for you to handle food for your consumers.

Having a Food Handler’s Certificate will also add credibility to you and your business. Besides the assurance that you have a clean bill of health, actually having the certificate establishes you as a credible business person.

Credibility is important in a business

The other reason why you need a Food Handler’s Certificate is because it’s illegal to sell your cakes and other baked goods if you don’t have a Food Handler’s Certificate. It is a requirement under Kenyan law that you have a Food Handler’s Certificate to be able to bake for business.

Run a legal business

So, to recap the reasons why you need a Food Handler’s Certificate for Your Bakery Business:

  • To make sure that you are fit to handle food for other people to consume.

It shows that you don’t have any food-borne illnesses, and can therefore handle food for consumers, safely.

  • To add credibility to your business.

Having a Food Handler’s Certificate makes you look like a credible business person.

According to Kenyan County Council law, it is illegal to run a food business without a Food Handler’s Certificate.

So remember, if you’re baking for business in Kenya, make sure to go to the nearest public hospital to get tested and receive a Food Handler’s Certificate.

I hope the advice above has brought you lots of value; if you have any questions regarding the Food handler’s certificate, feel free to comment below and ask.

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