Online Costing and Pricing Class for Home Bakers & Small bakery shop owners

Sell your cakes or pastries comfortably knowing that you’re making a profit.

Learn exactly how much it is costing you to make your cakes or baked products.

Find out how to price according to whom you’re selling to. Get templates that help you just plug in your numbers and get exact cost in no time.

Take this class and instead of guessing – you’ll be sure of whether you’re making a Profit or a Loss in your baking business.

This class is perfect for Home-bakers or small bakery shop owners looking to get paid EXACTLY what they’re worth in the market.

October 2021 Class
  • 4 Week Costing and Pricing class. The class will run online where class videos will be posted and available to watch at any time you are free to sit and learn. Cost is Kshs. 1,500 for the 4 weeks. Videos are only available for that duration; after class is over, group will close and you’ll be removed from the group.
  • Topics Covered: Costing cake as a home baker, how to cost batch products e.g. scones/buns. How to cost Wedding cakes & Custom cakes. How to cost using a Profit and Loss statement for a small to medium bakery shop mass producing one main product.
  • We will share excel templates that will make it easy for you to do your costing & pricing. Assignments given to ensure you have understood the concept and feedback will be personally given to you when you do your assignments.
  • Session on target market and relevance to costing will be covered. As well as various ways of pricing your products.
  • Class will run in a secret Private FB group. To join; you’ll make payment to till no. 89736, send payment notification or share number that made payment to us on our lines: 0701796688 or 0791384890.
  • International students (non-Kenyan): Make payment via Paypal or Mobile payment to our number (254701796688 – via Bank Transfer, WorldRemit or Sendwave)
  • To gain access to group: Send a friend request to our profile: “Amari Amari” on FB. That is the only way we can add you into the group. Make sure to share your FB profile name. (Testimonials & Feedback below, from our students from the previous online class)

If you have any inquiries on the class, contact us on above shared numbers: Monday – Friday: 9 a.m. to 5 pm. & Saturdays: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

You can also use this link to send us a Whatsapp message:

or FILL the form below to inquire via email:

Published by Amari

Baking with Amari offers learning experiences in form of short baking and cake decorating classes. We have a baking workshop at Discounts Arcade, Shop no. 51 on Ngong road (Adams Arcade area next to The Green House), in Nairobi that offers baking & cake decoration learning experiences for those who want to learn what bakers and cake decorators do in a practical/hands on Bakery kitchen. We have both online and practical/physical classes. We also offer baking business start-up training and group mentorship as well via our Baking for Profit Program. We also sell locally tested baking recipe books (soft copy & printed books).

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