3-Day Bread Class

Are you a baker or bakerette who has cake-making and decoration knowledge and you now want to learn how to make breads & other yeast products?

Do you want to learn how to make delicious & soft breads and buns the right way and possibly for commercial purposes?

Then you should definitely book your spot in our 3-Day Bread class

Bread class July 10th 2018 102
July 2018 Amari Bread, Cookie-making & Pastries Course

This course is 3 sessions of 4 hours each; you will get very hands-on, practical training in the mixing and making of breads and other yeast pastry products. You get to take home what you bake and you also get a recipes of all products covered on completion of this course. See details of topics covered in class below:

If this sounds like a class you want to join right away; contact 0701796688 and schedule a visit to the bakery workshop on Ndwaru rd in Riruta/Waithaka area.

Next Intake: September 1st to 3rd

Cost is Kshs. 6,000. To book the class; visit our bakery workshop on Ndwaru Rd in Riruta/Waithaka area, then place a deposit of Kshs. 4,000 to book your spot – at least 3 days before start of class. Balance is due on the first session.

Payment can be made in cash or after the visit through our Mpesa Buy Goods Till no. 89736 (Amari Quickbreads Bakery)


Call/Whatsapp/Text: 0701796688 and start your journey of learning how to bake bread and other delicious yeast pastries ^_^

If you have any inquiries on the Bread, Cookie-making and Pastries course; please feel free to use the form below to ask via email; we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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