Amari Business Mentorship

Make Money Baking

How to Set-up and grow your small baking business in the most effective and successfully way possible.

Start generating income and growing a profitable bakery.

We offer Business Mentorship to:

  • Home-based bakers looking to get serious and start generating income through their passion of baking and/or cake-decorating.
  • Small Bakery Business owners who are having challenges growing their business
  • Bakery owners who are looking to scale their operations to increase sales and grow their bakery brand.

Amari Business Start-up Mastermind

Eight month Business Mentorship Group that helps Bakers start or set-up their baking business for success. Topics covered:

* How to come up with a Marketing strategy that will help you increase sales and grow your business. *How to cost and price correctly according to your business niche & target market.

*How to brand and position yourself in the baking industry in a way that will help you stand out.

*How to start setting up systems for a sustainable baking business that will start growing

  • Intake: Currently closed
  • Cost is Kshs. 15,000 – 2-part payment plan available.
  • Next Intake: Closed

Amari Personal Business Coaching

One on one Coaching to help your business grow from one stage to the next. Mentorship guidance by Maureen Kamari of Amari Baking Center.

Program will be tailored to your needs and goals e.g.

*Scaling your business from a small to medium business enterprise. *Developing and executing a marketing strategy for your bakery business

*Costing and using correct strategy to price for your niche and target market *Setting up a bakery shop and systems required to do so.

*Coming up with a social media marketing strategy for a launch or a particular product.

Prices Vary. Options available:

* One on One: 3 to 4 hour Business Consultation session starting at Kshs. 5,000

*2 to 3 month Coaching to achieve specific goals as an entrepreneur in your business: Range Kshs. 25,000 to 40,000

Amari Platinum Business Mastermind

12 Month Business Mentorship Group that helps Bakers scale and grow their businesses to a consistent money-making Bakery Brand. Topics Covered:

*How to set up systems that prepare and allow your business to scale operations and grow exponentially. *How to create a consistent Marketing strategy that will position you as a leader in your particular niche.

*How to ensure that your business keeps running and growing without your constant day to day presence. *If it is your goal; how to grow your small bakery to a medium sized business.

Intake: Currently Closed.

Next Intake: Closed

This came at the right time in my business journey when I needed a mentor to push me to the next level. Talk of getting out of my comfort zone to lots of learning. I appreciate the fact that Mo (Maureen Kamari) does not coach from text book theory but from her own experience, she has tried, failed at times and still got up and now using that to assist others. She is big on marketing and I got to learn how to run social media ads, keep track of finances and grow my business in general. You can’t go wrong with the Amari Mastermind class, totally worth your time and Money, have an open mind and you will see progress, I’m a happy alumni…… Moving on to the next stage..

Racheal – Owner of Cake Culture Bakery

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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