Baking Courses

Is this you?

  • Are you looking to try out your hand at baking, especially if you’ve been curious about it for a while just to see if you like it?
  • Are you a baker or cake decorator who has basic baking or decoration knowledge and you now want to take your skill to the next level & learn a new skill or technique?
  • Are you on a tight schedule and you’re looking to take a short baking or decoration class within 2 weeks?
  • Are you curious as to what it takes to be a professional baker and or cake decorator?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then I’m sure you’ve realized that you have to take the next step to learn or improve your baking skills.

And, you’re in the right place because we have a class suited just for you!

If you don’t start now, time is just wasting and you don’t want to look back in a year and regret not taking this chance to follow your passion of learning how to bake or of being a better baker.

That’s where we come in ^_^

We offer practical, hands-on baking and cake decoration learning experiences that are very educative; at our class workshop in Nairobi on Ngong road (Adams Arcade area).  We show you how to bake and decorate using tried & tested recipes and a hands-on practical approach. Our students always enjoy their classes and learn quite a lot in a short period of time due to our very practical and hands-on approach to training baking skills. Our short courses are also ‘hyper-focused’ only only one topic at a time for maximum learning. We also strongly encourage follow-up practice sessions for you to really understand what you learn from us. If you’re looking to attend baking classes in Nairobi, Amari is the answer ^_^

So Why Mini Classes?

Truth be told – when it comes to learning a skill like baking or cake decoration; the best way to learn is through a practical, hands-on learning method. Of course with additional theory sessions included in the practical learning experience. We’ve found that the more specialized & focused the topic – the better the results in terms of learning.

This becomes even more successful for most individuals, when it is followed with 40 hours or more of practice on the skill learned.

That’s where Amari Comes in…

We are not a school or a college. We are a baking workshop and we believe in continuous learning experiences….

That is why we offer 5-day, ‘hyper-focused’ baking and decoration classes that specialize in only ONE particular technique or method. We then encourage our students to sign up for our 5-day practice sessions to ‘perfect’ what they learn. We also offer support after the classes to inspire our Amari Alumni Bakers/Decorators to continue practicing their skills in order to master them. We offer Beginner all the way to Advanced level mini classes that our students can keep coming back to enroll in; to learn more, practice & perfect their baking & cake decorating skills. We also have the option of longer courses which are a combination of the mini courses, for in-depth learning

Traditional Long Classes

  • 1 year+ or of general learning
  • No specialization of topics
  • Demonstration learning-by observation
  • No idea of how or where to practice
  • Lack of support after class
  • Outdated traditional methods not competitive in the current industry

Amari Mini Practical Classes

  • 5 days of hyper-focused learning
  • Learn specific technique in 1 class
  • Hands-on, practical learning. No Demo
  • We offer 20-hour practice sessions
  • Support via Amari Alumni community
  • We teach effective & up-to-date techniques in use in the industry

We offer classes based on your skill level; below are a list of our beginner classes. You can attend all the classes consecutively with practice sessions in-between as well. Check posters below for details.

We also have Intermediate to Advanced classes for those looking to learn more and get in-depth baking and/or cake decoration knowledge.

See posters below:

If you would like a longer, more in-depth options when it comes to learning Cake making and Decoration. You can attend our Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Combination courses, posters below.

How to enroll and join our classes:

Location: Currently we hold our classes in Nairobi; at our Class workshop on Ngong Road, Adams Arcade area. Shop no. 51 – Discounts Arcade, Ground Floor.

Why Amari Classes?

What former Amari Alumni say:

Payment Options

  • Cash
  • Cheque paid to Amari Quickbreads – payment by cheque for only amounts above Kshs. 5,000 (Check has to clear before the student starts the classes)
  • MPESA Buy Goods Till no. 89736 (Amari Quickbreads Bakery)

Make an inquiry via email; fill the form below & submit – we’ll reach out:

Important Information to note:

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