Amari Sponge Cakes Recipe Booklet

Sponge cake baking made fun with easy to follow directions on how to make delicious sponge cakes that can be assembled and decorated into delicious creations such as the Black Forrest and White Forrest cakes. sponge-cake-cover

This Sponge Cakes recipe booklet contains 7 sponge cake recipes and 4 types of frostings you can use to decorate the sponge cakes. Two of those cake recipes are chocolate and vanilla sponge cakes with directions on how to assemble them into a Black or White Forrest 1 Kg cake.

All the ingredients used are easily found in supermarkets and cake supplies shops in Kenya. Ingredient measures are in grams and milliliters.

Recipes contained in the booklet:

  • White Forrest Cake
  • Black Forrest Cake
  • Spicy Coffee Sponge Cake
  • Swiss Roll with Red Plum Filling
  • Chocolate Swiss Roll
  • Lemon Sponge Cake
  • Strawberry Sponge Cake
  • Fresh Cream Frosting
  • Non-dairy Cream Frosting
  • Swiss Meringue Buttercream Frosting
  • Chocolate Buttercream Frosting


E-booklet in PDF Format (un-printable) = Kshs. 150

Printed booklet = Kshs. 350   (currently out of stock) *Sold at Topserve Ltd. (Kimathi branch and Accra rd branches in Nairobi CBD)

To get the E-booklet; send payment to Mpesa Buy Goods Till no. 89736 (payment paid to Amari Quickbreads Bakery) then text email address or details to Mobile no. 0701796688

For the printed Booklet: If you’re not in Nairobi County; we can send the book to you via Courier. To get the printed booklet; contact us to inquire the cost of delivery to your county. Then send payment (cost of delivery + cost of printed booklet) to Mpesa Buy Goods Till no. 89736 (payment paid to ‘Amari Quickbreads Bakery’) and the book will be delivered to you within 3 – 4 days. Contact us via Mobile no. 0701796688

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