Amari Online Pricing Class

Are you a Baker or Bakerette wanting to get into the Baking business and you’re not sure how to cost and price your products well?

Are you baking for business but you find that even after you sell your products, you’re still not sure if you’re making any money?

Then this pricing class is for you!

In this class; we show you how to break down how much it actually costs you to bake, frost and package your cake.

We also breakdown the various ways you can actually price your cakes.

In this class; you will see how to cost a 1Kg White Forrest cake and how we come up with the price of the cake after the final pricing.

Once you sign up for this class; you’ll get an account in which you can log in with your e-mail and password and watch from any location. The class is accessible on a laptop, computer or Smart phone; as long as you have an internet connection.

You will have access to this class for a lifetime; you will stream the video to watch the class and access the downloadable templates, worksheets and pricing kits to do your own costing and pricing.

We will also provide support for you as you do your costing and pricing in case you need assistance.

About the class:

*This is an online class – you will be able to sign in to your account and stream the video content. It is not down-loadable. The worksheets, notes, templates & pricing kit is downloadable – this will help you actually be able to sit down and do your own costing.

*Once you sign up the class; you own it for a lifetime – it’s yours forever. You can log in anytime to watch the class and review the class material.

*To purchase the class; payment will be made via Mpesa; to a till no. 845472 (The EiN Company)

*If you have any inquiries on the class or you would like to get it now – use the contact form below to email us. You can also call/text/Whatsapp at 0701796688.

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Testimonial from Wanjiru of Taji Cakes: