Intermediate Cake Making & Decoration Course

Course Name: Intermediate Cake Making & Decoration Course

Cost – Kshs. 30,000

  • Are you a baker who is self-taught and has been practicing your cake baking & basic decoration skill for quite some time?
  • Or maybe you have a basic professional skill level when it comes to baking & decoration, but you want to take your skills to the next level?

This course is for you if: You already have Basic Cake-making & Decoration skills and experience. You want to improve those skills further in a way that you can start a baking business.

What you Learn:

  • Cakes: Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Fudge, Black & White Forrest Cakes, Carrot Loaf cake, and Fruit Cake. 
  • Frostings: Royal Icing, Buttercream Frosting, Cream Cheese Frosting, Glaze Ganache, Whipped Ganache, Fondant & Whipped Cream Frosting (non-dairy).
  •  Intermediate Fondant Decoration Skills, basic Fondant flower making. Improve Cake design, Piping skills, and Writing on Cake. How to make a chocolate cage. Focus on the smooth professional finish in cake decoration, especially on Buttercream & Fondant cakes. Costing and Pricing of Cakes.
  • Intermediate-level Professional baking & decoration skills. 

Class DaysWeekdays – 2 Weeks: 5 days per week. (Mondays to Fridays: 9am to 2 pm ) Certificate of Participation issued with hours attended.  10 sessions of 5 hours each
(50 hours)

Next intake. Period: February 2023. Dates: Feb. 20th to 24th & 27th to March 3rd

Payment Terms: Full payment latest, 3 days before class

Certificate of Participation issued with hours attended.

Disclaimer: We are a baking apprenticeship. Certificates awarded are not affiliated with government certifications like TVET. Our certificate does record the number of hours you learn the baking skill. have hours.

Previous Students and their Projects

  • We only take a max of 6 students per session in order to make sure each student learns & practices to the best of their ability.
  • Cost is Kshs. 30,000. To book the class; visit our bakery workshop to know the place (PLEASE Call ahead) on Ndwaru Rd in Riruta/Waithaka area, then pay full payment of Kshs. 30,000  to book your spot – at least 3 days before the start of class. Payment can be made in cash or after the visit through our Mpesa Buy Goods Till no. 89736 (Amari Quickbreads Bakery).
  • Please note that prior Basic baking and cake decoration experience/skills are mandatory in order to join this class.

Join us, perfect your cake game and grow your home baking business ^_^


Call/Whatsapp/Text: 0701796688 or 0791384890 and start your journey of learning how to bake like a pro!

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