15 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your loved ones


‘Tis the season for love and everyone is busy planning for Valentine’s day, whether it is for that special someone in your life, or just a special friend or family member.

'Tis the season of love
‘Tis the season of love

Most of us may be wondering what kind of gift to get our loved ones for that special day. Gift buying can be confusing at times, so I’ve put together a few ideas that are both helpful and budget-friendly to guide you in your gift-buying endeavor.So whether it’s this weekend or on the actual Valentine’s day, use these ideas to help you have a no-stress Valentine’s gift giving day ^_^


1. Beauty Gift Bag

This is an especially good idea if you want that special lady to know how thoughtful you are. Some supermarkets are offering gift bags for beauty products for ladies. You can choose from a variety of products for her.

Eco-friendly beauty gift bag

It would be even better if you have an idea what that special lady’s favorite scent is e.g. vanilla, apple or citrus. Then choose the products with that in mind. If you’re a creative person, you can go the extra mile by assembling a gift bag yourself. You only need to purchase an empty gift bag and tissue paper or crepe paper,then purchase some beauty products you would like to gift, for example; a body wash with a matching lotion and a scented candle. Then assemble the gifts into the bag and voila! you have a custom-made beauty gift bag.

2. Spa Gift Voucher

Ladies love spas, they love to be pampered and taken care of. Another perfect gift to give that special lady in your life is a spa gift voucher. It gives her a chance to take a day off and relax, all thanks to you ^_^! If you know of a great spa near her, visit and ask them if they give gift vouchers, they’ll be sure to assist you.

Spas are great for relaxing
Spas are great for relaxing
3. Pastry Gift Baskets
If that special lady has a “sweet tooth” like some of us do, you can treat her to a gift basket of her favorite pastry or pastries. Many bakeries, especially here in Nairobi, offer gift hampers/baskets with select baked products for special occasions, get her one and she’ll definitely appreciate it. You can try out an Amari Chiffon Cake as a gift as well. 
Chiffon cakes by Amari make for delici ous gifts ^_^
4. Jewelry
We’ve all heard the saying, “A diamond is a girl’s best friend.” There’s truth to that.You may not be able to get that special lady a diamond (and if you can, please do ^_^), but these days there are many other options for jewelry types. If you know her preference, you can buy her a set of a necklace and earrings, or bracelet and earrings as a gift. Varieties include; gold, silver, beads and crystals. Make sure you have it wrapped in a presentable box for her and she will truly appreciate it.
Beaded bracelet and earring set
Gold jewelry

5. Flowers, Chocolates and Dinner

If you want to keep it simple and classic, treat that special lady to dinner and present her with flowers and chocolates. Most ladies love flowers and chocolates; who can resist a wonderful candlelit dinner? It’s sure to please her.

Chocolates and Flowers - you can never go wrong
Chocolates and Flowers – you can never go wrong
Romantic dinner for two


6. Watch

For that special man in your life who has great taste in accessories, a good quality watch would be a great present. Make sure you get a watch that suits his style and makes a statement about his personality. He will appreciate it and keep it close to him, (literally, on his wrist).

If you can, get  Rolex, or get an idea of a style to get.

7. Beer Mug Set

If your special man loves hanging with the guys on some weekends, hosting a barbeque while enjoying some beer, this is a great gift for him. Get him a nice set of beer mugs he can use and they’ll always have a special meaning for him.

8. DVD Gift Set

If your special man loves watching movies, this is a great gift for him. Get a collection of DVDs from  his favorite genre, e.g. Action, Sports, Wrestling or Documentaries and wrap them up for him. He will appreciate the thoughtfulness that goes into his gift.

Sports DVD Gift set

9. Apparel Accessories

If that special man in your life is stylish and loves his accessories, gift him with some that will make sure he always thinks of you. Cuff links, a nice tie and a leather wallet are great gifts to get him to show your appreciation of him. Make sure the cuff links and the tie match and the wallet is genuine leather.

Green cufflinks
Green silk tie
Leather wallet

10. Swiss Army Knife

For that special man in your life who is a handy-man in the house and has lots of tools. Get him a Swiss Army Knife, he will appreciate this multifunctional tool.

Swiss Army Knife
Swiss Army Knife


11. Box of Chocoloates

A gentleman who has good taste can enjoy a box of chocolates as well as any woman can. It is a classic and simple gift that will always be appreciated.

Box of chocolates

12. Fruit Baskets

An all-around healthy gift that anyone will appreciate.

13. Wine

If that special someone enjoys a good glass of wine, gift him or her with a quality wine for Valentine’s day.

Anyone who likes wine will appreciate the gift
Anyone who likes wine will appreciate the gift

14. Quality Stemware

For that special someone who enjoys a good glass of wine and has a fully stocked bar ^_^! You can add them some stem ware to compliment the wine.

Quality stem-ware is always appreciated
Quality stem-ware is always appreciated

15. Gift Vouchers

This is a simple and safe gift that anyone will always appreciate. It is hassle-free and guaranteed to always be appreciated. Just choose a favorite supermarket, specialty store, barber shop, salon or even a butchery of that special someone’s choice and get him or her a gift voucher.


Whatever your plans are for this Valentine’s Day are, enjoy yourself and make sure you let all your loved ones know how special they are too you ^_^

How are you planning on enjoying this Valentine’s Day?

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