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We offer a range of various books about baking that will be of help to you in your baking projects or if you want to start or run your small baking business more effectively.

List of Available books:


Baking with Amari Recipe Book
(Cakes, Bread & Cookie recipes)

E-book, ePub format = Kshs. 500
Printed version – Kshs. 1,500

This book contains recipes that have been locally tested with Kenyan ingredients. Cakes, Bread, and Cookie recipes that have been tested numerous times, then triple tested on the accuracy of each recipe. This book also contains lots of information on baking concepts (mixing and baking), information on equipment, and the ingredients used for baking and their functions. This book is perfect for beginners or self-taught bakers looking to learn and/or grow their baking skills to an intermediate level.


Amari Guide to Puff Pastry & Recipes

Format – E-book, ePub – 150/-
Format -**Printed- 600/-

This Guide to Puff Pastry recipes booklet contains 9 Recipes: 2 Dough recipes – Puff Pastry dough and Croissant dough, as well as how to make the Croissants. Then 7 Puff Pastry Dessert recipes with 2 extra variations.

All the ingredients used are easily found in local supermarkets and cake supply shops in Kenya. Ingredient measures are in grams and milliliters.


Beginner’s Guide to Fondant:

Format – E-book, ePub – 150/-
Format -**Printed- 600/-

This Beginner’s Guide to Fondant Booklet contains a Rolled Fondant Icing recipe, and tips and tricks for making and working with fondant, trouble-shooting. Tutorial on how to panel a cake using fondant, Gum paste recipe, Whipped Ganache recipe, Buttercream, and Royal icing recipe.

All the ingredients used are easily found in local supermarkets and cake supply shops in Kenya. Ingredient measures are in grams and milliliters.

New Startup Amari Book - July 2017

How to start up a small bakery business successfully:    

Format – E-book, ePub – 250/-
Format -**Printed- 500/-

This book is a step-by-step guideline on researching, planning, setting up, and creating a small bakery business successfully. The book covers key aspects such as business planning, budgeting, legal requirements, and the actual setting up of a baking business. There are also two sample business plans in the book you can use to get an idea of how to write your own baking business plan.

Introduction to Cake Costing & Pricing:     

Format: E-book, ePub –Kshs. 200 

*Printed version currently Un-available

This is Step by Step guide on how Home Bakers can find the cost of baking their cakes and how to price profitably. P/S: When you purchase this eBook; it will come as a “Cake Pricing Bundle: the eBook, a spreadsheet with formulas pre-done for you to be able to cost a 1Kg cake & a link to a video explaining how to use the Excel spreadsheet.

Learn to cost & price your cakes profitably using our step-by-step E-book guide that breaks down how to find the actual cost of baking your cake and come up with a price that is perfect for your specific clients. This will help you run a profitable home-based cake business.

This e-book covers how to quantify and include all your expenses (including labor, use of the equipment & many other expenses that home bakers tend to miss).
The E-book also covers considerations such as niche and target market and how Home bakers should consider these two points when it comes to coming up with a final price.

Get this e-book and learn how to find out exactly how much it’s costing you to bake and sell your cakes. You will also be able to price confidently and profitably.

Click on the image to get specific details on each book’s product topics and/or recipes, prices, and how you can get them.

Sweet Baked Treats

Format: E-book, ePub –Kshs. 200

*Printed version currently NOT available

This ebook contains the following recipes

  • Caramel Cake – 1 Kg
  • Pinacolada Cake -1 Kg
  • Bagels Recipe
  • Yeast Bread Recipe
  • Banana Bread Loaf Recipe
  • Butterscotch Cookies

All Amari E-books are currently in the ePub format – this is an easy-reading e-book format. To access the e-book on your smartphone, you will require an ePub reading app (You can get free apps on your App Store on Android or iPhone e.g. Aldiko or Moon+reader for Android. And Epub reader app for iPhones). For PC or Laptop; as long as you have Adobe Digital Editions you can read the E-book.

N/B: Currently; our Printed Books are stocked at Topserve Ltd Branches in Nairobi. To purchase any of them; visit the branches to order personally or order from them via WhatsApp. You can reach out to them on these numbers. Topserve Accra Rd Branch – 0726924788 OR Topserve Kimathi Branch – 0722329064

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