We offer Practical, Hands-on Baking Classes, Online Classes, Sell Recipe Books, and Teach Business Information to help you start and run your small home-based Baking Business.

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Baking Classes

  • Basic Baking
  • Intermediate Course
  • Advanced Course
  • Full Course
  • Short Course

Custom Classes

  • Bread & Cookie Class
  • Puff Pastry Class
  • Whipped Ganache
  • Wedding Cake Classes
  • 1 on 1 Class

Recipe Books

  • Baking with Amari
  • A Guide to Puff Pastry
  • Fondant Beginner’s Guide Recipe Book
  • Sweet Baked Treats

Latest Posts

Baking classes in Nairobi this March (Short Baking & Pastry Courses in Kenya)

For the month of March; we’re doing an intake for both – Online and Practical Baking and Decoration Classes. Our practical classes will be held at our Bakery workshop on Ndwaru rd in Nairobi, off Naivasha rd in Riruta/Waithaka area (between Uthiru & Kawangare area) Practical class Details below: Learn to bake and decorate the…

How to sell Cakes from Home (marketing training for bakers)

Are you a Home Baker selling Cakes and you’ve been wondering why you’re getting no sales from your Online Marketing efforts? Would you like to start marketing your cake business online but you’re not quite sure how? Join our Amari 5-Day “Followers to Cake Customers” Bakers’ Challenge. This is a mini-training that will run from…

Learn to teach baking classes

If you’ve been thinking of finding a way of supplementing your income as a Baker by teaching people how to bake or decorate cakes….. *Maybe you’ve been selling cakes and pastries for over a year or two  & people have been requesting you to teach them what you do… *Or maybe you’re an Expert Cake…

Costing and Pricing class for Home Bakers in Nairobi in October 2022

Would you like to learn how to cost and price your cakes and pastries in a practical class setting? If you’re a home baker looking to either start or you’re already selling your cakes and pastries but you’re not sure if you’ve done proper costing and pricing for your cakes and you want to make…


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