Learn to teach baking classes

If you’ve been thinking of finding a way of supplementing your income as a Baker by teaching people how to bake or decorate cakes…..

*Maybe you’ve been selling cakes and pastries for over a year or two  & people have been requesting you to teach them what you do…

*Or maybe you’re an Expert Cake decorator who has highly specialized Decorating skills and Bakers are willing to pay you to teach them your techniques

*Even if you’re already selling Cakes or Pastries; but you want to diversify & increase your business sales by offering Baking/Decoration Classes.

Enroll in this 30 day Online class:

What you’ll be able to do after you attend the Online 30 day class:

  • Come up with your own class session to teach individuals based on your current skill level as an experienced Baker
  • Confidently create a lesson plan that will help your students learn & understand a specific baking/cake decoration concept
  • Cost and price your class for profitability


For non-Kenyan Payments:

*Cost of class is $15; we accept payment either via mobile money or Paypal.

*You can enroll in the class directly on our site by paying via Paypalclick here.

You can use mobile money sites such as WorldRemit or Send Wave. Please reach out via WhatsApp for inquiries or more details using this number: +254701796688

Class content is held at our separate online class site. Support group is on Facebook.

P/S: You need a Facebook account to join the support group.

Class will be facilitated by Maureen Kamari of Baking with Amari


I’m the founder & Director of Baking with Amari (formerly Amari Baking Center) – a business founded in 2012. We’re a baking business that offers both practical & online baking and decoration classes. We also offer baking recipe books; both printed & eBooks.

We offer Baking for Business online courses, masterclasses & mentorship programs through our Baking for Profit Program.

I am also founder & owner of Chiffon cakes by Amari Bakery; a bespoke online baking business that sells Chiffon cakes only; founded in 2019.

I am a professional Baker and Cake decorator in the Kenyan Baking industry and a baking recipe developer. I have been baking for years and professionally for over 12 years.

I was born & currently live in Nairobi, Kenya in East Africa. I learned and developed a passion in baking and pastries in high school & college when my family moved & lived in Ohio, USA when I was growing up. I have a background in Hotel Management training.

I came back home a few years back, started a small shop that failed within 5 months. I then worked in the food industry for 5 years in two cities in Kenya; Nairobi & Nyeri.

In 2012, I decided to follow my passion for baking and started my first Baking business. I then started a 2nd Baking business brand in 2019.

I started teaching individuals how to bake and decorate in March 2014 and have since taught over 1,000 Bakers in various practical individual & group classes all over Kenya. This is not including the numerous online courses I have taught the past 6 years.

I have improved my personal training knowledge based on various courses I have taken on Andragogy (study of teaching adults); as well as my personal experience in successfully training bakers in the last 8 years in the Baking Industry. 

I have built a profitable baking business which I run currently with the help of a small team of 7 amazing individuals.

Enroll in the class today – Send a WhatsApp DM below for more inquiries or call us on 0701796688

Published by Amari

Baking with Amari offers learning experiences in form of short baking and cake decorating classes. We have a baking workshop at Discounts Arcade, Shop no. 51 on Ngong road (Adams Arcade area next to The Green House), in Nairobi that offers baking & cake decoration learning experiences for those who want to learn what bakers and cake decorators do in a practical/hands on Bakery kitchen. We have both online and practical/physical classes. We also offer baking business start-up training and group mentorship as well via our Baking for Profit Program. We also sell locally tested baking recipe books (soft copy & printed books).

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