Amari New Years Resolutions for 2013

We hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas and an even Happier New Years. 

We are glad to be back from the holidays and very ready to serve you. Like everyone else out there, we love to recap on goals we had set for ourselves last year to see if we achieved them, if not, plan on better ways to achieve them. We also make our own resolutions; as a team and also to our customers as well. We’re sure that you, our customers, have also made resolutions and we hope you work towards them and achieve them as planned. We will offer some tips on how to make and keep your resolutions, hope they help.

Goals we achieved in 2012

We were very happy with everyone’s response when we opened on March 15, 2012 and as we offered our products we gained customers and lot of fans on both our Facebook and Twitter pages. For that we are grateful and we will continue to serve you well and gain support ^_^.

Another great achievement was being able to make payment very convenient and low-cost for our customers. This was possible through our MPESA Buy Goods Till number 89736, thanks to a great company called Kopo Kopo Inc.  Payment is now very easy to make at no cost to you since there is no transaction fee.

We are also glad that we now deliver to all areas in Nairobi. We are able to do so thanks to a courier company that we are currently working with called E.C. Errands. We are now able to deliver to even more people in Nairobi and that makes us really happy ^_^.

Goals to achieve in 2013

For this year we want to work even harder to serve our customers. We will start offering baking classes, our goal is to be ready by April 2013. We have had numerous requests for classes and it is a project we are currently working on right now. We will keep you updated and let you know when we start.

Another goal we have is to continuously extend our menu. This will be in line with our mission – to provide variety in taste and choice to our customers. We will add more flavors of our fruit breads, cakes and cupcakes. We also plan on adding cookies to our menu as well, that’s also in the works.

Starting next month, we shall also start a new feature – “Flavor of the month.” We will showcase a flavor every month and offer sales on products of that flavor. This will give us an opportunity to highlight the different flavors we use in our products and share the love of those flavors with you  ^_^.

We are also promising more sales, discounts, offers and free stuff for our customers this year. We will do so with our monthly and holiday offers. We will also have e-books that will help us share more recipes and detailed tips to help you with your home-baking projects.
We’re very excited about 2013, we hope you are as well ^_^!

8 Tips on making and keeping your New Years Resolutions

Here are some tips we use to make and achieve our goals, we hope they will be helpful to you.

1. Be true to yourself:

– Be honest about what you want and why you do what you do while making your goals.

2. Create and maintain a good lifestyle that will keep you energetic:

– Keep a healthy lifestyle and get enough sleep. Have a good and reasonable exercise regimen and get at least 7 hours of sleep.

3. Set few important goals and stick to them:

– Select a maximum of 3 things that are your highest priority and make a plan on how to work on them.

4. Set aside time in your daily schedule for focused effort:

– Make sure you schedule a specific time everyday to work on just one thing.

5. Turn down things that are not consistent with your goals:

– When necessary, learn to say NO.

6. Look for ways or systems that will do things better and faster.

– Find out tasks that you do repeatedly and find ways to improve how you do them or how to delegate them to others.

7. Break goals into small segments and work on each segment at a time:

– Instead of thinking of a big goal, that might be a bit scary, when you divide the process into many steps; it will seem manageable.  Then work and think of only that one step at a time and you move towards achieving your main goal.

8. Stop doing things that are not important and finish what is:

If a certain task is not important and not in line with your goals and it consumes a lot of your time – you should stop doing it. Do only that which is important and in-line with your final goal.

We hope that the tips on goal making we have provided will be helpful to you. We will definitely use the above tips to achieve our 2013 resolutions so as to achieve our ultimate goal which is to keep you happy and loyal to our brand ^_^!

Published by Amari

Baking with Amari offers learning experiences to those who want to experience & know what Bakers & Cake Decorators do in a practical, hands-on settting. We train our students using Cookswell original charcoal ovens. We also offer basic business start-up training for those who want to start small baking businesses. We do groups vocational training anywhere in East Africa as well. We hold classes in our home-based bakery workshop located on Ndwaru road in Riruta, Nairobi; off Naivasha road, next to Pelida School.

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