3 Tips to Help you Achieve your 2019 Goals

As the year goes along and March comes to an end; I find myself going back to my goals list to see if I’m on track according to the goals that I set in January.

If you didn’t set any goals; don’t worry – this is a good to sit down and still write your goals down. I’ve shared a link below for a goal-setting template you can sign up to get via e-mail if you would like help on how to write the goals down ^_^

We shared this post as a podcast in our 5th episode; you can listen in on sound cloud below. If you have Anchor (podcast app) you can click here. Click here to watch the video post.

Setting your goals will be the easy part; the challenge will be actually achieving them. Below, I will share with you 3 tips you can follow, if you would like to achieve your goals this year.

  1. K.I.S.S. (Keep It So Simple)

Keep it to a minimum of 9 or 10 goals. It helps if you have 3 categories for your goals e.g. Personal, Business and Personal Development. Then for each category; have only 3 goals you want to achieve for the year. If you really have to squeeze one more extra; you can add the one to make a total of 10 goals. If you sit down to write all your goals down and you find you have about 15 – 20; prioritize them and then pick the top 10. This will make achieving your goals, way more realistic.

2. Be Honest with yourself and Stay Committed

Based on whichever goals you want to achieve; you have to get very honest with yourself on the actions you need to take to achieve your goals. If you want to improve your skill; you have to make an effort to practice very often. If you want to lose weight; you have to make sure to eat right and exercise. Whatever it is you want to do; you have to be honest on what it will take to achieve the goal, then be committed in taking actions necessary to achieve the goal itself.

Make sure to write down your goals (Image: unsplash.com)

3. Write down your goals and be accountable

Make sure you don’t only ‘think’ about what goals you want to achieve; you need to sit down and write them on a paper, note-book, diary or if you would like a goal-setting template. Click here to get a blank template.

Writing down your goals makes them a reality; then you need to find someone or certain ways to make sure you are accountable in achieving your goals. Find that person who will hold you accountable often when it comes to achieving your goals. If you need to have ‘meetings’ with the person every month – please do. If you’re accountable to a person when it comes to your goals, or anything your doing, it helps you actually work harder in achieving your goals over time.

I hope you will follow these tips if you’re serious about setting and achieving your goals this year. All the best as you work towards being a successful Baker or Bakerette ^_^

Have you set your 2019 goals yet? If you have do comment below and share if you’re on track or you’re struggling with achieving or following up on your goals.

If you feel this post will be helpful to a friend or anyone you know in your network, please do share ^_^

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