Fruit Cupcakes Recipe

This week’s recipe is a Fruit cake – decided to do them as cupcakes. This recipe is a simple one; however, you can add more types of fruits like cherries and nuts as well. Fruit Cupcakes  Ingredients: All-Purpose Flour     – 2 cups Baking Powder         – 2 tspns Ground Cinnamon   Continue reading “Fruit Cupcakes Recipe”

Delicious Green Cherry Fruit Cake Recipe baked with a charcoal oven

It has been a while since a recipe was posted so we’re definitely making sure we remedy that ^_^ Today’s recipe is a fruit cake with dried fruits and green cherries. The green cherries were left over from a previous order, so wanted to put them to good use. They are the glace kind, justContinue reading “Delicious Green Cherry Fruit Cake Recipe baked with a charcoal oven”