Strawberry & Banana Smoothie for this Strawberry Season!

 It’s Strawberry Season! I’m very excited because my mum has being doing some Strawberry Farming and they have fruited, yay!! Strawberries straight from the farm! So lot’s of Strawberry smoothies & Strawberry baked products. Like this yellow cupcakes topped with strawberries. Click here for that recipe. Well, here is a Strawberry & Banana smoothie. StrawberryContinue reading “Strawberry & Banana Smoothie for this Strawberry Season!”

Tangy Banana Smoothie

For today, I’m going to share a smoothie recipe that I generally make mostly because it has ingredients that are very easily accessible (hint-I use them on fruit breads, which are a particular favorite of mine) and easy to use. Try it out: Tangy Banana Smoothie Ingredients: – 9 pcs Ripe Bananas (Regular size) –Continue reading “Tangy Banana Smoothie”