10 Benefits of our three favorite fruits-Bananas, Oranges and Lemons!

Ripe bananas
This wonderfully sweet and delicious fruit is our main inspiration in our banana bread recipe and brown banana bread.  We’ve discovered that this sweet fruit has many benefits when you eat it, here are a few:
1.) Improve your mood
– Tryptophan acids are present in bananas and these help in reducing depression and help improve your mood.
– Studies also show that bananas are also helpful in reducing stress levels.
2.) Regulate the Bowel System
– If you’re suffering from constipation, a banana a day will definitely help. Bananas are rich in fibre.
3.) Reduce risk of heart disease and blood pressure
– Bananas are rich in potassium, which is vital for muscle contraction and proper function of the heart and nervous system.
A happy healthy heart is important!
– We each require just 4gms of Potassium per day. You get it by eating one banana a day. Try our banana bread recipe which has two bananas in each loaf ^_^!
4.)Reduce itching of mosquito bites

– Instead of using creams to reduce itching and swelling from mosquito bites,use banana peels.
– Rub the itchy and swelling area with the inside of a banana peel and see how soon you will get relief.
Imported Orange
This tangy and colorful fruits inspired our original orange bread when we first started our online bakery. Oranges also have great benefits such as:
5.) Help lower blood pressure and cholesterol
Oranges have been discovered to have 170 phytonutrients and over 60 so called citrus flavonoids. These agents have been linked to effectively lower blood pressure and cholesterol as well as being an excellent anti-inflammatory.
6.) Good for digestive breakdown
– Oranges are also helpful if you’re constipated. The dietary fibre in oranges helps in loosening your bowel system.
It is recommended to take in 25-35gms of fibre daily. Eating the flesh or rind of an orange is good for your diet as it contains 3.1gms of fibre.^_^
7.) Beauty Benefits
– Oranges can be helpful in other ways other than ingesting them. You can use them at home in other ways such as:
 * Orange peels can kindle your fire.
 * Orange peels are useful as exfoliating face scrubs.
 * Rubbing fresh orange peel can also repel mosquitoes.
This citrus and refreshing fruit inspire many delicious lemon breads and cakes. Here are their benefits:
8.) Powerful anti-bacterial
– Lemon juice has been proven through experiments that the bacteria of malaria, cholera and typhoid have been destroyed in lemon juice.
9.) Body Cleanser
–  Cleanse your body with lemon juice mixed with cold water and honey taken on an empty stomach early in the morning. Warm water may be used occasionally to get relief of constipation as well.
10.) Fights Fatigue
Adding lemon juice to ordinary drinking water will quench thirst more effectively. Experienced travelers declare that when they do so, lemons act as an anti-septic and prevents illness due to allergy to different water supplies.
– Long distance travelers and hikers use lemons when fatigue sets in, they suck on lemon juice by piercing the top of the fruit with a straw. It gives them a quick acting medicine and a lovely refreshment.
– Lemon oil is also able to stimulate brain activity, you can drink a glass of lemon water every few hours to stay alert and refreshed.
However you consume your fruits; whether it’s plain, in a smoothie or in a quick bread , enjoy them and eat them in plenty, they’re healthy for you ^_^. What kind of fruits do you like and how do you eat them?

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