Easy Sponge Cake Recipe

This time I want to share a sponge cake recipe with you today. I’m currently doing a lot of recipe testing with sponge cakes and I’m loving it! I recently tried this spicy version and I just had to share it. Try it out and share what your results are please ^_^ Please note thatContinue reading “Easy Sponge Cake Recipe”

Simple Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe

Hi there, it’s been a while since I posted a recipe. So let me break that recipe silence with this simple and delicious recipe I tried out in February around Valentine’s Day weekend after all the crazy running around of the workshop and book launch ( which was totally amazing by the way for allContinue reading “Simple Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe”

4 Benefits of Vanilla

Our flavor of the month is Vanilla, we decided to see if Vanilla has any health benefits at all. Here are a few interesting things we found out. Vanilla   1.    Vanilla has antioxidants Vanilla contains antioxidants, which are natural substances that prevent or delay some types of cell damage in your body. It alsoContinue reading “4 Benefits of Vanilla”

4 Uses for the Vanilla Bean

Vanilla Orchid This month’s flavor is Vanilla, so we thought we should share a few tips on the vanilla bean and how to use it. Vanilla beans are the fruits of an orchid flower and are very rare and expensive. However, vanilla bean is a very potent and rich flavor, especially when used in cookingContinue reading “4 Uses for the Vanilla Bean”

Facts you didn’t know about Lemons

This month’s flavor is Lemon, so we want to share some interesting facts we discovered about lemons. 1. There’s a pink lemon variety! Variegated Pink Lemons (courtesy of: melissas.com) These would be fun to have ^_^ 2. There are 11 different varieties of lemons in the world. Wow, that’s a lot of lemon types. MeyerContinue reading “Facts you didn’t know about Lemons”

All About Coconuts

We want to share a bit of information on this versatile fruit called a coconut (which is also a seed). Coconut Water Coconut water is refreshing and many people enjoy drinking it; it has become quite popular in places like the United States for its healthy properties and many people now drink coconut water dailyContinue reading “All About Coconuts”

4 helpful tips when baking with Chocolate and Cocoa Powder

For our “Tips on Tuesday” feature today, we’re sharing 4 tips to use while baking with cooking chocolate and/ or cocoa powder. These are great tips for your chocolate recipes. CHOCOLATE 1. Melting Chocolate Chocolate scorches easily, so it should be melted carefully and gently. It should be melted over hot water using a double-boilerContinue reading “4 helpful tips when baking with Chocolate and Cocoa Powder”

History of Chocolate

As we mentioned last week, this month’s Flavor of the month is Chocolate. We’ve decided to give a brief history of the flavor, to better understand how rich its history is and how much it was a much utilized flavor. The use of cocoa beans is traced back in parts of early South America toContinue reading “History of Chocolate”

Origins of Red Velvet Flavor

We did some research on Red Velvet to see if we could find the origins ^_^ Unfortunately there is no exact proven origin, however there are two main stories that tell of the beginning of this wonderful flavor. The first is of a lady who went to The Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York CityContinue reading “Origins of Red Velvet Flavor”

8 Interesting facts about Chocolate that you should know

We love chocolate in general, I’m sure you feel the same ^_^. When we used to take cake orders, one of our customers’ favorites used to be the Fudge Chocolate Cupcakes. Our Death by Chocolate Cupcakes These got us to thinking about chocolate; mmm…other than it being deliciously heavenly of course ^_^. We decided to findContinue reading “8 Interesting facts about Chocolate that you should know”