All About Coconuts

We want to share a bit of information on this versatile fruit called a coconut (which is also a seed).

Coconut Water
Coconut water is refreshing and many people enjoy drinking it; it has become quite popular in places like the United States for its healthy properties and many people now drink coconut water daily as part of their diet.
Coconuts can be harvested when they’re still immature or “green” because they contain a large amount of water for drinking. There is also still some water in them even after they mature, found in the core. This can also be used for drinking
Green coconut with water (courtesy:
Coconut Flesh
After the coconut has matured, layers of its endosperm deposit along the walls; this is the white part that is the edible ‘flesh’.
The flesh is used for many purposes:
-It can be dried and used to make desiccated coconut used for many purposes; but especially in baking on coconut cakes for decoration.
Desiccated Coconut (courtesy:
-Coconut oil can also be derived from it that can be used for cooking, frying or baking. The oil is also used in cosmetics such as make-up, lotions and bath soaps.
Hair care products with coconut oil (
-Coconut milk is also derived from the “flesh”, it can be used for baking or cooking rice or any other dishes or sauces. You can also drink the milk ^_^
Coconut Milk (Courtesy:
Coconut Shell
The hard shell can be used as charcoal. You can visit this Cookwells Enery Saving Blog for more information and pictures on how to do so.
Coconut Natural Habitat
Coconut palms thrive in sandy soil, it is very tolerant of areas with high salty levels and prefer areas with abundant sunlight and regular rainfall. That is why it is found on shores of tropics such as the coast in Kenya. They also require high humidity and warm conditions. They are also found in areas such as Hawaii and Florida in the U.S.
Coconut Palms (courtesy:
We’re surely loving this tropical fruit, it’s very useful for many things, aromatic and truly delicious; whether in a sauce, used to flavor rice and especially when used for baking ^_^.
Amari Coconut Baked products
Check out this wonderful coconut cake recipe at home and tell me how it turns out below. Thanks!

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