Facts you didn’t know about Lemons

This month’s flavor is Lemon, so we want to share some interesting facts we discovered about lemons.

1. There’s a pink lemon variety!

Variegated Pink Lemons (courtesy of: melissas.com)

These would be fun to have ^_^

2. There are 11 different varieties of lemons in the world.

Wow, that’s a lot of lemon types.

Meyer Lemons (courtesy of: aforaubergine.com)

3. Lemons can be used as a battery to generate enough electricity to power a small digital watch.

Lemons can generate electricity

If the lights go out, get some lemons ^_^!

4. India is the highest producer of lemons in the world.

Lemons being sold in India (courtesy: squierj.freeyellow.com)

5. Leaves of a lemon tree are used to sometimes make tea and for marinating cooked meats and sea foods.


Lemon leaves used for tea (courtesy:happyhomemaker88.com)

6. Pickled lemons are an everyday part of lunch in southern India.

Pickled Lemons (courtesy: simplyrecipes.com)

  That’s a particularly healthy habit we should all think of picking up ^_^.

We bet you didn’t know all these things about lemons right? Well, now you know.
Thanks and stay tuned for more, if you have any more interesting fun facts you would like to share about lemons, please feel free to comment below.

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