Amari Bakery’s – Road to Success

I would like to personally thank Rich Productions Ltd for featuring our Bakery in last week’s KBC – Road to Success Show.

It was truly an honor that they chose to feature our bakery for their topic on that day which was marketing – (we must be doing something right ^_^)


 I would like to thank all our wonderful customers for their support; as well as our blog readers and social media fans for all and any of their promotion and support. We will continue to keep working hard towards providing only the best products to you.

We have also start offering yeast products and we will upload some of the items onto our online menu by the end of the week.

Cinnamon Roll – only at Kshs. 25

Please visit our website, browse and order some of those yummy desserts. Make sure you give us some feedback to let us know what you think – you know we love feedback ^_^.

White scones finally available

For any of our products you can always order online.
Thanks ^_^!

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