Soccer Ball Cake Picture Tutorial with Buttercream Frosting

Back with another theme cake tutorial using butter cream ^_^soccer-ball-cake-fin_amari-soccer-ball-cake-tutorial

The soccer ball cake is another popular cake theme, especially for parents with boys. I was privileged to make one some weekends ago for a lady whose son was turning 11 years old. Of course I knew that was an opportunity for me to share a cake tutorial that will help any baker & cake decorator who’s looking to learn how to do themed cakes in a simpler way, using buttercream frosting. Especially for those who don’t yet have the soccer ball cake pan.

What you require:

*2 – Cakes any flavor (I used carrot cakes): 1 – 7 inch Round cake & 1 8 inch Square Cake

*1 – 12 inch Cake Board – square

*Food Color – dark green (I used Pradip powdered food color)

*Food Color – Black (I used a gel color – Super Black from Americolor)

*1 – Icing Spatula/Pallet Knife – any medium size (I used an 8″ one)

*Icing Bag – you can use the small size nylon bag with couplers (If possible, have 3 sets of the icing bags for the green, white and black frosting)

*Nozzle Tips: Star tip no. 18 – small size (for pattern fill-ins) and Round small tip no. 3 (for line outlines and writing)

*A large Bread Knife – for shaving and leveling the cakes

*Butter cream Frosting – I used enough to cover a 2 Kg cake (Separate it into halves: leave one half white. The second half; divide into quarters and color one green and the other one, black. Click here for recipe (bottom of the page)


  1. Start by leveling the square cake until its flat on top.two-cakes-for-deco_amari-soccer-cake-tutorial Then take the round cake and shave it into a semi-circle (half-ball size) using your bread knife.

    Shave round cake into a semi-circle and square cake just needs leveling
  2. Place the square cake on to the cake board. Then apply a crumb coat (thin layer of buttercream frosting) on the square.
    Crumb coat bottom then place round cake in the middle

    Place the round shaved cake in the middle of the square cake and crumb coat it as well – let is set for about 5 to 10 minutes.

    Complete crumb coated cake
  3. Using a toothpick; draw the lines of a soccer ball all around your cake. If you are confident in your drawing skills – you can do it free hand like I did (will use the pattern next time ^_^). If not; draw the outline of one shape for the soccer balls, then use it to trace it all around the cake. You can download the pattern, print it and cut-out the shape and use it (see below).soccer-ball-pattern
  4. Fill your icing bags; one with white frosting and the other with black frosting. Start by outlining the lines with the black frosting using the round tip.
    First outline with toothpick, then with black frosting

    Switch nozzles and using the star tip; start filling in the black frosting on the top pattern box. Change to the white frosting and using the star tip, fill the second raw patterns with the white frosting using the star pattern.

    Start by filling the top with black frosting
  5. Fill in the next row with the black frosting, using the start tip. If there are any pattern shapes left, fill them in with the white frosting.

    How to fill in your soccer ball
  6. Take your green buttercream frosting and apply it onto the bottom part of your cake; the square shape, on the sides only – smoothen it well.

    Apply green frosting on the sides of the cake
  7. Fill an icing bag with green frosting and attach the star tip. Decorate a star border around the bottom edge of the soccer ball – where it rests on the square bottom cake. Then continue decorating using the star board on the top of the square cake, all around the soccer ball.

    Use a star border for a green grass effect – you can use a grass nozzle tip if you have one as well
  8. Check all around your cake to see if you have any spots where there are spaces and fill them in. If you need to write a message for the cake; a simple way to do it, is on the side of the cake board. Apply a thin layer of green butter cream frosting, using your icing spatula, on one side of the cake board – from one end to the other.
    Create a small canvas for your message ^_^

    Let it set for about 10 minutes, then write your message using white frosting and the round tip.

  9. Your cake is now ready for presentation or for delivery!
    Soccer ball cake is ready!

    I hope this tutorial will be of help to you.  If you do try it out, please share your results, we would be so glad to see them ^_^

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