3 Reasons Why Bakers Should Attend The Cake Festival

Hope you’ve all been well; I’m sure most of you are aware of the fact that The Cake Festival 2017 is right around the corner; it’ll be this Saturday 10th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the KWS Headquarters parking lot grounds.

As home-bakers or small bakery shop owners; you might wonder how attending The Cake Festival will benefit you at all and I wanted to share at least 3 reasons why I think you should attend as a baker in the Kenyan industry.

It’s for a good cause

The first important thing to note is that The Cake Festival is run by Edumed, a Kenyan Christian Charitable Trust. The proceeds from the festival go towards giving scholarships to bright and needy students in high school. It is one way you can give back to the community in a small way. Edumed gives detailed reports on the number of students they educate per year; they’re transparent with the information and it’s always good to know that they are helping support Kenya’s future.

Edumed Students
Students sponsored by Edumed Trust (Image: Edumed)

This is the best way to get a clear picture on how the baking industry is progressing

This is the only forum in Kenya where you have a large number of bakers gathering to showcase their works; from home and emerging bakers, professional bakers, industrial bakers to institutions.

Cake Fest Sample Stands during 2016
Some Stands from bakers and vendors during The Cake Festival 2016

You’re able to go to the stands of various bakers to not only taste their work, but to see their decorated cakes. This showcase will give you an idea of the level of skill the baker has and their style. You will also be able to see any current trending cake decoration styles being used in the market as well. The Cake Festival also has vendors who sell cake supplies and tools; so you can also meet the vendors and see what products they have available.

You’re able to taste sample cakes and gauge or compare your skill with the bakers

During The Cake Festival; the main aim is to get free cake samples from all participating cake stands. This will give you the perfect chance to taste what the bakers have to offer and know the quality of their work. This is the best way to check out your competition at a low cost, all in one place. ^_^ Make sure to taste the various flavors from different bakers; you might discover some current popular flavors from some of them, or even new and innovative ones as well.

Another plus is that you get to meet bakers who have been in the industry for a while who might not be so accessible other times, but you can get to talk and engage with them on that day. You might get some advice or tips as well. There is also a cake competition that takes place on that day – you can pass the competition cakes stand to see the various designs by the bakers participating. This is also a great way to get creative ideas for cake decoration.

Cake Fes 2016 Pictorial for competition cakes
A few of the Competition cakes from The Cake Festival 2016

We’ll be having our Amari Baking Center stand at The Cake Festival this year as well. Please make sure you pass by and say hi, feel free to ask any tips or advice – I’ll be happy to share ^_^

Cake Fest 2016 explaining about classes
Visit us at the Amari stand and you’ll get info about our baking classes and Cookswell Charcoal ovens as well ^_^

Make sure to buy your ticket early for a discount, there will also be tickets for sale at the gate as well. Click here for tickets

There is also a Pre-Event Bakers Sale and workshop – if you can make it please attend. You just need to RSVP via text on:0710551119.  See poster belowCake Fest 2017 Pre Event Bakers Event

Hope to see you there bakers. Happy baking ^_^

P/S: Make sure to share this post on your networks for anyone who might want to go and taste some cake, the more the merrier!

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Baking with Amari offers learning experiences in form of short baking and cake decorating classes. We have a baking workshop at Discounts Arcade, Shop no. 51 on Ngong road (Adams Arcade area next to The Green House), in Nairobi that offers baking & cake decoration learning experiences for those who want to learn what bakers and cake decorators do in a practical/hands on Bakery kitchen. We have both online and practical/physical classes. We also offer baking business start-up training and group mentorship as well via our Baking for Profit Program. We also sell locally tested baking recipe books (soft copy & printed books).

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