An Introduction To Cake Pricing

Are you a Home Baker selling cakes – and You’re not sure where to start when it comes to finding out how much it actually costs to bake & decorate your cakes?

Are you wondering how to price your cakes & get paid by your cake customers enough to make a profit?

What If….

You could get a step by step, easy to understand explanation on how to find out the cost of baking and decorating your cakes.

Then a breakdown of how to include other costs and finally how to come up with a price specifically for your type of cake customers.

What this means for you as a Baker…

Why is this important to you?

Costing and pricing accurately – makes sure that you are ACTUALLY making money in your baking business by Selling at a Profit.

The Ultimate Cake Pricing Formula by Amari

A combination of a Simple Costing & Pricing eBook Guide, an excel Spreadsheet with a formula on how to cost & price a cake & a short video explaining how to use the spreadsheet and guide so that you can get to costing and pricing your cakes right away.

What Bakers have to say about our Cake Pricing Formula:

The Cake Pricing Formula Guide covers information on how to quantify and include all your expenses (including labor, use of equipment & many other expenses that home bakers tend to miss).
The E-book guide also covers considerations such as niche and target market and how Home bakers should consider these two points when it comes to coming up with a final price. The file is in ePub format and is un-printable.

The Excel spreadsheet reduces the work of you having to sit down and come up with a formula; then including all the ingredients, costs and expenses and adding the profit margin – that’s already done for you!

Get this Bundle and learn how to find out exactly how much it’s costing you to bake and sell your cakes. You will be able to cost and price confidently within 7 days.

This Cake Pricing Formula is for you if:

*You are a Home-baker who doesn’t know exactly how to come up with the cost of baking your cakes OR even how to charge for labor.
*If you don’t know where to start when it comes to pricing your cakes.
*If you’ve been pricing your cakes and you’re not sure if your underpricing or even if you’re making ANY profit from your cakes.

Discounted Price of the Cake Pricing Formula bundle is only Kshs. 200

For Non-Kenyan Payments, Price is $2

PLEASE NOTE: To access the e-book file on your phone; you will require an ePub reading app (You can get free apps on Android Play store e.g. Moon+Reader or Read Era and for Iphone e.g. Epub reader) . For PC or Laptop; as long as you have Adobe Digital Editions you can read the E-book Guide.

How to get the Cake Pricing Formula Bundle: For Kenyan payments.

  • Send payment of Kshs. 200 to; Lipa na Mpesa Buy Goods Till no. 89736 (Amari Quickbreads Bakery).
  • Text or send WhatsApp DM: Your Valid email address & payment notification details to Mobile no. 0701796688 (254701796688)
  • We will send you the Pricing Bundle to you within 15 minutes during work hours: Mon-Sat: 9am to 5pm.

For Non-Kenyan payments; Payment is $2, there are 3 payment options:

  • Send mobile money payment to +254701796688; you can use either Mpesa, SendWave, WorldRemit or Mukuru (Details: Name – Maureen Kamari. Phone Provider: Safaricom)
  • You can also make payment using PayPal (Email:

Do you have Questions?

  • Q. Can I be able to print the e-book guide? A. No – all our ebooks are in ePub format and are un-printable.
  • Q. Do you have a hard copy version? A. Currently, No – but we’re working on having printed copies available in Nairobi, Kenya by November 2022.
  • Q. How can I access and read the eBook guide once you send it to me? A. Please download an ePub reader application on your smartphone – there are lots of free versions as mentioned above. On PC or Laptop; you can use Adobe Editions to access the ePub file.
  • Q. How will I receive the above Cake Pricing Formula Bundle? A. Once you make payment and we confirm; we’ll send you the files via Email.
  • Q. How quickly will I receive the Cake Pricing Formula Bundle. A. Within 15 minutes if you make payment within our working days and hours. Monday to Saturday: 9am to 5 pm EAT time. If you pay and share details after hours, we’ll definitely get back to you in the next working day.
  • Q. Does the above costing guide work for Wedding cakes or Custom Cakes. A. It can. The above guide is geared towards Cakes only with a focus on Home Bakers; though the principles are the same. If you are a Small bakery shop owner or you have a pastries-niche baking business, we strongly suggest for you to consider taking our 90-day online Cake pricing class instead, it is more in-depth and has more information on costing and pricing for various niches in the baking industry.
  • Q. Do I have to purchase directly from you only? Is there another way to purchase the eBook. A. Yes – the eBook is also available on Amazon as well, link shared below.

This E-book is also available on Amazon, Click Here to purchase.

10 thoughts on “An Introduction To Cake Pricing

      1. Hi Martha; for Kenyan payments for the Costing and Pricing Ebook; send payment of Kshs. 200 to Lipa na Mpesa, Buy Goods till no. 89736 (Amari Quickbreads Bakery), then send email address to no. 0701796688 (9am to 5 pm: Monday-Fridays).


    1. Hi, you can send payment of $2 (Tshs. 4648 ) via mobile money then send us a WhatsApp message to +254701796688 and your email address. We have other mobile money options for paying as well, including PayPal if you prefer.


    1. So sorry; currently the pricing e-book is undergoing editing and up-dating. When it’s ready we’ll post here on our blog and all our social media platforms please, so stay tune. Thanks


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