How to incorporate 10 unique ingredients into your batter

We want to share some home baking tips on how to incorporate 10 unique and fun ingredients into your batter to make your baked products even more delicious and irresistible ^_^     1. Dried Fruits If you want to make fruit cake or fruit bread, you would require dried fruits. Before preparation and mixing, makeContinue reading “How to incorporate 10 unique ingredients into your batter”

Origins of Red Velvet Flavor

We did some research on Red Velvet to see if we could find the origins ^_^ Unfortunately there is no exact proven origin, however there are two main stories that tell of the beginning of this wonderful flavor. The first is of a lady who went to The Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York CityContinue reading “Origins of Red Velvet Flavor”

6 Types of Icing used for Cake decoration in Kenya

Here at Amari, we have noticed some people are making inquiries on types of icings and may not be sure of the differences. We have decided to explain some of the icings that are generally used in Kenya for cakes for a better understanding of them. Of course there are many different types out there,Continue reading “6 Types of Icing used for Cake decoration in Kenya”

Baking Equipment in Kenya-Cake Decorating

This is the second post on our series of Baking  Equipment Explained. If you haven’t read our previous post, you can read it here – Baking pans. This time our focus is on equipment used for cake decoration. This post is helpful for those who would like to bake cakes at home and decorate themContinue reading “Baking Equipment in Kenya-Cake Decorating”

Christmas Home Baking Ideas in Nairobi

For the holiday festivities, after a hearty Christmas meal, dessert is definitely a must. That’s where we come in ^_^! We are here to help out with your home-baking for Christmas this season. If you’re not sure what to bake this Christmas, check out some of our previous recipe posts that will be good ideasContinue reading “Christmas Home Baking Ideas in Nairobi”

4 Helpful Tips & Tricks to use while baking at home

While baking, just like in any other craft, there are tricks to use to make the end results more delicious, making the actual preparation process a bit easier or just to add a personal touch. We’ve decided to share some tricks we use in our bakery to help us out, you can try them ourContinue reading “4 Helpful Tips & Tricks to use while baking at home”

8 Interesting facts about Chocolate that you should know

We love chocolate in general, I’m sure you feel the same ^_^. When we used to take cake orders, one of our customers’ favorites used to be the Fudge Chocolate Cupcakes. Our Death by Chocolate Cupcakes These got us to thinking about chocolate; mmm…other than it being deliciously heavenly of course ^_^. We decided to findContinue reading “8 Interesting facts about Chocolate that you should know”

Storage Tips for the Upcoming Hot Season

At Amari, we bake the old-fashioned way; we don’t use any preservatives or bread stabilizers. We like using fresh ingredients on our baked products and we also like to keep them as natural and chemical-free as we possibly can. That also means that the shelf-life of our products is reasonable shorter than that of other bakedContinue reading “Storage Tips for the Upcoming Hot Season”

Defining Pastries in an Easy Way

I have recently discovered that not a lot of  people understand what pastries actually are; people just use it as a general term for any baked goods. Well, here at Amari , we love sharing our knowledge as much as we can to help all of you home-bakers out there, or for all those interestedContinue reading “Defining Pastries in an Easy Way”

20 Baking Terminologies explained

We love sharing recipes with you so you can enjoy baking at home as much as we do ^_^. We’ve decided to define some baking terminologies that may be used and not well understood by some. Hope this helps you and makes baking recipes much more easier and baking fun like it should be. BAKINGContinue reading “20 Baking Terminologies explained”