10 Benefits of our three favorite fruits-Bananas, Oranges and Lemons!

 BANANAS Ripe bananas This wonderfully sweet and delicious fruit is our main inspiration in our banana bread recipe and brown banana bread.  We’ve discovered that this sweet fruit has many benefits when you eat it, here are a few: 1.) Improve your mood – Tryptophan acids are present in bananas and these help in reducingContinue reading “10 Benefits of our three favorite fruits-Bananas, Oranges and Lemons!”

5 Quick Trouble-shooting tips while baking @ home

The other day while I was baking my lovely pink Valentine’s Pound Cake, I only got it right the second time. I say the second time because the first time, half-way through my baking, I smelled burning and when I checked, my batter was boiling over like porridge, it was quite disturbing! Sometimes, even forContinue reading “5 Quick Trouble-shooting tips while baking @ home”

5 Unexpected ways to rock @ Baking

Baking is a scientific art that may confuse some people, especially amateur bakers. Baking at home or hobby baking is different from professional baking, however there are a few tricks professional bakers rely on that can be applied to home baking. Here are some of the professional tips you can depend on that will enhanceContinue reading “5 Unexpected ways to rock @ Baking”

5 Baking Secrets Revealed| 5 Cake Mixing Methods used by Bakers

For all those who bake at home, we all get recipes from various sources; Sites like our blog, cook books, family & friends. Sometimes the terminologies used in the recipes; especially for beginner bakers in terms of mixing – can be a bit confusing. I’ve put together 5 cake mixing methods used by bakers so thatContinue reading “5 Baking Secrets Revealed| 5 Cake Mixing Methods used by Bakers”

Best Practices for Storing Quick breads

On more that one occasion I have baked for my family two or more banana breads and found that as popular and delicious as they might be, some of them are left over. Since fruit breads can be perishable if not stored well, I have come up with important tips on storing some of theContinue reading “Best Practices for Storing Quick breads”

5 things you Must know about baking

Baking is a good hobby or business to start, and to some it is quite simple, for others it may be a bit more challenging. I’ve decided to come up with a short list of five important tips that will be helpful to anyone who is baking or has recently decided to venture into homeContinue reading “5 things you Must know about baking”

Home Baking in Kenya and a Buttercream Recipe

I was living abroad and came back to Kenya some years ago. The one thing I noticed in most homes is that not very many people do a lot of home baking. When I asked some people why; they mentioned that they may have to buy a very expensive oven to be able to bakeContinue reading “Home Baking in Kenya and a Buttercream Recipe”

A Definition of Quickbreads and a Banana Bread Recipe

What is Quick bread’? A quick bread is an American term used to describe a type of bread (or baked good) which is leavened with raising agents other than yeast e.g. baking powder and/or baking soda. They are dense but very moist baked goods made mostly by using the all-in-one method. Examples of quick breads: SomeContinue reading “A Definition of Quickbreads and a Banana Bread Recipe”