5 Unexpected ways to rock @ Baking

Baking is a scientific art that confuses and eludes some people, especially home amateur bakers.

Baking at home is different from professional baking, however there are a few tricks professional bakers rely on that can be applied to home baking. Here are some of the professional tips you can depend on that will enhance your home baking experience.

1. Preparation

To get great results from your home baking, make sure you always preheat your oven at least 10 minutes before you put in the product you are baking.  Baking at the center of the oven also makes sure of even circulation of heat which makes sure your product is baked evenly.

2. Life Expectancy of Baking Powder

 The freshness of your leavening agent determines the end result of your baked goods. When you buy your baking powder, make sure you mark the date you open it with a permanent marker on the container or carton. Baking powder starts to lose its effectiveness about 6 months from when opened, therefore, marking it will ensure that you keep track of its “freshness”. Be sure to keep your baking powder and other dry spices away from any heat in the kitchen, it will make them lose their potency faster.

3. Recipe Preparation

When baking, make sure you first read the entire recipe before starting so as to understand every step of what you’ll be doing. Make sure you take out all ingredients as well as the equipment to be used ahead of time. Being prepared will make the baking process easier and more fun.

Prepare your equipment ahead of time

4. Personal Touch

When decorating an iced cake, frost the cake then simply add a ribbon or a bow to give it a personal as well as a professional touch.
You can also sprinkle icing sugar on a cake to give it a simple yet professional look.

Icing sugar sprinkled on a cake

Another good idea for a chocolate cake, is to take a doily

Example of a patterned doily

and lay it on the cake. Then sprinkle icing sugar on it and remove the doily. This gives the cake an antique look on top of the cake. You can also use any other pattern and sprinkle icing sugar.

Image courtesy of creativejewishmom.com

 5. Cooling Quick breads

When your quick bread is done baking and you take it out of the oven, don’t cool it in the pan it was baked in. Give it 2-3 minutes for the pan to cool and remove the quick bread from the pan onto a cooling rack. If you cool it in its baking pan, the quick bread will become soggy.

cool cakes on cooling racks
cool cakes on cooling racks

Whatever you’re doing, whether it be baking or decorating, have fun ^_^

Some excerpts courtesy of The Budget Chef website

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