Holiday Online Shopping in Nairobi even easier this December

In our continued efforts to serve you better and to be our preferred online bakery needs supplier in Nairobi; we are now offering delivery to all areas in Nairobi.  In order to streamline our delivery operations, we are now using a courier service that will be efficient and effective while delivering your order directly toContinue reading “Holiday Online Shopping in Nairobi even easier this December”

4 Helpful Tips & Tricks to use while baking at home

While baking, just like in any other craft, there are tricks to use to make the end results more delicious, making the actual preparation process a bit easier or just to add a personal touch. We’ve decided to share some tricks we use in our bakery to help us out, you can try them ourContinue reading “4 Helpful Tips & Tricks to use while baking at home”

Online Shopping in Nairobi just got easier for you ^_^!

In line with providing convenience to you, we now have a new MPESA Buy Good Till number, it’s 89736. We want to make electronic mobile payment not only easier but cost – effective as well. With payment via MPESA the regular way, you have to pay a transaction fee of Kshs. 25 to send theContinue reading “Online Shopping in Nairobi just got easier for you ^_^!”

Fruit Bread in Nairobi – It has some surprising health benefits!

  Do you love fruit bread or cake? We sure do, we used to offer it in our menu when we had a bakery shop and customers just loved it! Amari Fruit bread – medium size We’re going to give you 5 good benefits of dried fruits; apparently they have quite a few health benefits!Continue reading “Fruit Bread in Nairobi – It has some surprising health benefits!”

8 Interesting facts about Chocolate that you should know

We love chocolate in general, I’m sure you feel the same ^_^. When we used to take cake orders, one of our customers’ favorites used to be the Fudge Chocolate Cupcakes. Our Death by Chocolate Cupcakes These got us to thinking about chocolate; mmm…other than it being deliciously heavenly of course ^_^. We decided to findContinue reading “8 Interesting facts about Chocolate that you should know”

Storage Tips for the Upcoming Hot Season

At Amari, we bake the old-fashioned way; we don’t use any preservatives or bread stabilizers. We like using fresh ingredients on our baked products and we also like to keep them as natural and chemical-free as we possibly can. That also means that the shelf-life of our products is reasonable shorter than that of other bakedContinue reading “Storage Tips for the Upcoming Hot Season”

Delicious Marble Cake for a Special lady!

We got an order from a lovely customer of ours who wanted to make a special birthday cake for her sister, how cute ^_^! She wanted it special for her 40th birthday- marble cake. She told us to design it real special for her. Here’s what we came up with – we liked, hope youContinue reading “Delicious Marble Cake for a Special lady!”

10 Great Mothers’ Day Gift Ideas in Nairobi

Mothers’ Day is right around the corner; Sunday May 13th to be specific. For all of you who have a mother or a mother figure who you love, look up to and appreciate; or any other mother you know who is simply wonderful, you should most definitely get her a Mothers’ Day gift. Show herContinue reading “10 Great Mothers’ Day Gift Ideas in Nairobi”

6 beverages that go very well with our fruit breads in Nairobi

I was recently sipping some herbal tea while enjoying a wonderful fruit bread, a slice of Orange bread and having a very quiet enjoyable moment. So I decided to share some beverage ideas that go very well with quickbreads, hope it helps out ^_^ 1.) COFFEE Cup of coffee-black or white We all love a cupContinue reading “6 beverages that go very well with our fruit breads in Nairobi”

Defining Pastries in an Easy Way

I have recently discovered that not a lot of  people understand what pastries actually are; people just use it as a general term for any baked goods. Well, here at Amari , we love sharing our knowledge as much as we can to help all of you home-bakers out there, or for all those interestedContinue reading “Defining Pastries in an Easy Way”