Baking Ovens in Kenya – Baking Equipment in Kenya Explained

For our Tips on Tuesday feature, we’re sharing tips to help you with home baking equipment.

This is our fourth post on our Baking in Kenya Explained series. You can also check out our other posts on Baking pans, Mixing tools and Cake decorating tools.

Today we will highlight types of ovens for baking.

1. Charcoal Ovens

Charcoal ovens have grown in popularity in Kenya. They are less expensive, low maintenance and if you purchase an original one from Cookswell Jikos – they save energy. They are good for use in a home or even commercial bakeries due to low over-head costs. We at Amari use a commercial Cookswell Charcoal oven ^_^

Cookwell’s Charcoal Ovens (

They have different sizes and range from Kshs. 15,000 (bachelor size) to Kshs. 50,000 for professional large business sizes. You can buy them directly from the company that makes them – Cookwells Energy Saving Jikos, at their Lower Kabete shop on Farasi Lane, you can also visit their blog for more information. They give you tips on making your own charcoal with their kilns and show you different ways their ovens are used at home and for business.

2. Electric Mini-Ovens

Mini-ovens are a great idea if you are a bacholorette (or bachelor) who only bakes for one ^_^. It’s also great if you are just starting out and only bake a little. They are easily found in major supermarkets like Naivas or Carrefour. They range from Kshs. 6,000 to 18,000. You can also find them in kitchen-ware appliances stores like LG or Ramptons. You can also search online in e-commerce sites like Jumia.

electric mini oven
Mini Electric Oven (Courtesy: Ali Express)

3. Electric and Gas Kitchen Cooker/Ovens

Cookers come with an oven section at the bottom. A lot of people have the cookers in their kitchen but rarely use them. They are good for use once in a while if you want to bake for your family. They can be found in major supermarkets that sell appliances like Naivas or Carrefour. You can also find them in kitchen appliance stores like LG, Ramptons or stores like Cute Kitchen. They range from Kshs. 24,000 to 100,000 depending on brand and quality.

Kitchen oven cooker (courtesy:

4. Commercial Electric and Gas Ovens

Large commercial bakeries use commercial ovens that use either gas or electricity. They are good for very large scale baking purposes. There are different types; deck, rack, rotary types and many more. For large plant equipment in Kenya, they can be purchased from companies like Serviscope EA Ltd. You can also search online & check vendors such as Caterina Kenya, Sheffield, Nairobi Kitchen and Ramptons for other options of deck ovens. Their prices begin at Kshs. 60,000 and above.

Commercial oven
Commercial oven

Hope this was helpful, if you have any questions or additions, please feel free to comment below.
Happy baking wonderful people ^_^!

If you want to learn how to bake with a charcoal oven, we offer baking classes at our Riruta location.
Visit our Bakery Classes page for more details. You can also email us: or Call/Text: 0701796688

Published by Amari

Baking with Amari offers learning experiences in form of short baking and cake decorating classes. We have a baking workshop at Discounts Arcade, Shop no. 51 on Ngong road (Adams Arcade area next to The Green House), in Nairobi that offers baking & cake decoration learning experiences for those who want to learn what bakers and cake decorators do in a practical/hands on Bakery kitchen. We have both online and practical/physical classes. We also offer baking business start-up training and group mentorship as well via our Baking for Profit Program. We also sell locally tested baking recipe books (soft copy & printed books).

64 thoughts on “Baking Ovens in Kenya – Baking Equipment in Kenya Explained

  1. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  2. Thank you for leaving a comment, it's very much appreciated ^_^ Thank you for reading as well and for the positive feedback. So glad you will be keeping up with us, will not disappoint 🙂


  3. Hi Margaret, glad you would like to start baking. As stated in this blog post, just choose any of the above commercial ovens you would like to use (either electric or charcoal) and then contact the above mentioned companies and inquire on prices, sizes and then you can decide from there. Hope that has been helpful. Thank you for reading our blog ^_^


  4. Which is the most effective for commercial baking biz?charcoal or electric oven?if i want to bake like 5OO breads n 1000 queen cakes per day which size is appropriate,plz advice + cost.thank u


  5. HI Jane. For us I have found the charcoal oven is effective since the electric bill gets to be a large one when you bake all day with an electric oven, however the charcoal oven is a personal preference. There are large sizes, just see the above website link for Cookwells Charcoal ovens, you can also e-mail them for commercial options. They'll tell you the loaf size capacity and cost. for Gas or electric commercial ovens, like large rack ovens, check out the above link for Serviscope EA Ltd. E-mail them and they will send you a quote for their large commercial ovens as well. Hope that is helpful, thanks


  6. I have liked your blog.It is very informative.
    I wish to know how you regulate the heat with the charcoal oven.This is because some recipes state the exact level of heat e.g 250 o c.How do you keep to that with this kind of oven?


  7. Good morning ,i've seen your blog and it's fantastic.
    I have a bakery equipments production company in Italy ,we are the major producer in Italy of Bakery equipments, we produce equipments for the major European oven Brands.
    I would like to open our company for kenya market ,our website is


  8. Hi Pauline Kay: Thanks for reading our blog, with the charcoal oven, you can get an industrial high temp thermometer. However, for me I just got used to checking the heat and keeping it balanced enough based on the items are baking, it's more of a skill to acquire so I think you should look for the thermomoter.


  9. Very informative blog.Thanks Maureen.I've recently started baking and using a charcoal oven.My problem is that my breads are coming out too hard.What's your experience with a charcoal oven.TIA


  10. Such an amazing blog that is so interactive and responsive, I liked this blog and am sure I will visit your head office. I really need to purchase commercial bakery oven (ether electronic or charcoal) that can produce more than 10,000 breads per day, I don't know the brand name for that big oven that am looking for. I need your help please, advise me where to find it and what is good for me.


  11. HI Lazaro, for the charcoal oven, please check out the Cookswell Blog and contact them for their large commercial ovens, I know they will help you out with a quote for that capacity. For the electric oven, check the above comments for the Serviscope company, they deal with commercial ovens here in Kenya and if you contact them, they'll def give u a quote for that capacity as well. I hope that was helpful, thanks for reading our blog.


  12. hallo Maureen. Thanks for your blog it is quite informative.I am looking for a a good bakery school within nairobi which can equip me with good bread baking skills?Kindly shed more light on pros and cons of the electric/gas/charcoal ovens.


  13. Hi Wangui, glad to hear you want to learn how to bake. As for the ovens, it's really preference and your budget. For the charcoal oven, it may take a few times to get used to it but once you get the hang of it, it gets to be as easy as baking with gas or electricity – it's also more economical. Gas & electricity may be abit expensive but some to prefer it.


  14. Hello, if you want to learn practically, You can sign up for classes at your nearest location. We also offer baking classes starting from Kshs. 5000. we're located on Ndwaru rd, off Naivasha rd in Riruta. If you're in Nairobi


  15. Hello Timothy, I've never encountered that problem but I've heard of that complain before. That could have happened due to the following reasons: If your temperature was not high enough, you should make sure you have a medium heat going or if you can manage, please invest in a high temp thermometer so you ensure your oven is the right temp as instructed on your recipe. You also could have baked your products for a short time, you should give your products a few minutes to brown, after they are baked. The other reason is if you purchased a very low quality oven, some charcoal ovens are of such low quality that they are not able to bake products properly since the fabricators do not make the ovens in the correct way. I hope this will help you with your trouble-shooting Timothy, all the best. Thank you for reading the blog


  16. Hi Maureen,
    Thanks for this wonderful information.
    I have a little knowledge about cake baking and would like to buy a charcoal oven to start a small business of like 100 queen cakes per day. Advise me on:-The size and the cost of the oven. Am based in Tassia Estate in Nairobi.



  17. Hi there, thank you for reading the blog. For the oven, the best way would be to talk to a charcoal oven vendor to get full detailed information – so just go to, they make awesome ovens. You can email: or call: 0700 380 009 OR 0700 905 913 to get more information on capacity and prices. Then for cake baking, just contact me for lessons; we teach how to bake with charcoal ovens and a cake making & decoration classes is 5 days @ Kshs. 5000 only. You will learn how to bake & decorate, cakes& queen cakes. You can call/text or Whatsapp me at 0707557091 or email me at: Hope to be hearing from you.


  18. nice site just looking for an oven for a club i want to start in my school n i now know where to go when the loan is out.all be back. i want something simple easy to use as everyone is knew to the whole process n may be we can get some pocket money from the same thanx.


  19. A very useful blog. I am currently researching on bakery and catering equipment for an upcoming supermarket. I was able to get snippets of info here.


  20. I want to start a mini bakery and i need an oven which can produce a big number of products,but am confused on which type to buy but it should be electric or gas.. please assist!


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