How to start-up a small baking business in Kenya

This is a question that comes up numerous times in our social media pages and in this blog as well. I have decided to write this post in order to give you a step by step of what is required and the best course of action in my opinion based on my expertise in the baking industry in Kenya.How to startup a small baking business in Kenya blog header_Amari Blog post

I will outline the steps you need to take to start a baking business in Kenya and that will align you with success. Since the start-up process requires lots of knowledge; I will share relevant links to articles and resources that will be of help to you. Please make sure to go to each resource for information you will need, if you are serious about starting – don’t skip any steps.

Step 1sit down and decide if you truly want to be a bakery business owner. There are important questions you need to ask yourself; click on this link to see the most important questions to ask yourself and make sure to answer them.

You also need to read this post on the first 4 steps to take before starting a baking business, lots of insight – click here.

Step 2Do the research and make a decision on the following:

Which niche do I want to get into? Click here for bakery niches to choose from.

Do I have the money to start? If not how do I raise it? – Ways to get money to start

Which bakery business set-up do I want? Click here for the 4 main types of bakery business setups to choose from.

Based on niche and setup; which equipment do I need – click here for various posts on baking equipment used.

commercial floor mixer
Commercial Floor Mixer

You also need to find out which ingredients you will be using based on the niche you choose as well – click here for baking ingredients used in baking commercially in Kenya.

What are the legal requirements – click here to find out on the Kenyan government portal

Step 3: Find out the skills required to run the business:

Baking skills – if you’re a baker with the required skills in the niche you want to get into then you are ready to go. If not; take the required classes – you can check out the baking classes we offer and enroll in the appropriate one you would like. You can also choose to hire a person with the skills you require.

Business Skills – Various skills are required to at least run a small baking business e.g. Accounting or book-keeping skills, marketing skills and business knowledge such as systems required to set up in your small baking business.

If you don’t have any of those skills or if you have some and would like to get insight on others; my suggestion is for you to buy the book on ‘How to startup a small baking business successfully’. It breaks down the various topics required to start-up and run a business and how to set up (e.g. how to research your idea, recipe development, legal requirements, systems to set-up, tips on getting start-up capital, sample business plans for small baking businesses, etc.) Click here for book info.

You should also get the book we have on pricing, this will help you on how to cost and then price your baked goods, before setting up a price-list. Click here for info on the pricing book.

You can also click on this links for information on some of these business skills and tips to help out:

Tips on starting a home-based business

Why you need a business plan and How to get a free business plan template to use (the book mentioned above also has two sample baking business plans to use)Amari Biz plan template

How to market online, How to market consistently, How to measure your marketing efforts, Tips on Facebook marketing for a baker & Why marketing is importantSocial-media-and-technology-1000x605

Tips on setting up systems in your small baking business and Tips on growing your business.

Steps to take to avoid failure, Tips on increasing your sales, How to save costs in your small baking business and Tips to consider while branding your baking business

Step 4 –Take action:

A lot of people get stuck on analyzing, researching and planning – these are all powerful steps to take before starting. In the end; you do need to take action and start executing on your planning. Write an action plan, set deadlines and do what is needed to get started on building your small baking business.Action plan pic

Please make sure to get the book on starting up in order for you to be on the right track in the start-up process. If you struggle with costing as well – get the book on pricing too.

If you have any questions on any topic not covered in this post or the links provided above; please feel free to inquire below. Make sure to leave a comment below on what you think too!

All the best in your baking business start-up process. Remember to work hard and work smart as well.

Stay motivated ^_^

Published by Amari

Baking with Amari offers learning experiences to those who want to experience & know what Bakers & Cake Decorators do in a practical, hands-on settting. We train our students using Cookswell original charcoal ovens. We also offer basic business start-up training for those who want to start small baking businesses. We do groups vocational training anywhere in East Africa as well. We hold classes in our home-based bakery workshop located on Ndwaru road in Riruta, Nairobi; off Naivasha road, next to Pelida School.

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