3 Things you need to know Before Starting a Home Baking Business in Kenya

Are you a baker who’s been thinking of starting a home based baking business? This post is for you.

Have you been baking for a while at home? Perhaps you’ve been practicing your skills for over six to eight months and you really feel you can start selling your baked goods. Though your problem is, you may not have the resources to actually start big…

That’s okay. You can actually start a home based business in Kenya. Today I’ll share three things you need to know as you start your home baking business.

  1. Very low cost way of starting your baking business

Starting a home based business is a good idea because it’s a very low cost way of starting a business.

It gives you time to get customers and build your customer database. It also helps you learn the ropes and gives you time to slowly start getting resources to grow your business. Starting a home based business is a great start to your bakery business.

2. It’s illegal to run a baking business next to sleeping quarters in Kenya

Running a food business in Kenya in your house is actually illegal. This is because it’s adjacent to sleeping quarters. Now I’m not trying to scare you with this information, just letting you know that this is really not allowed by city council by-laws.

Here’s what I would suggest; when you start a baking business at home, have a plan. You can have a goal, say within eight months to a year that you’re going to move your business out of your house.

If you’re a home based business, I’ll share with you two options you may have. First, you can opt to get the financial resources needed to find a commercial shop, somewhere in a commercial building as you’re growing your business.

The second option which is the option most small bakery owners take; is to either start your baking business or your bakery workshop in a separate house, maybe a servant’s quarters or a guesthouse.

If you’re in your own compound, you can also opt to build a small workshop where you can do your baking and cake decoration. If you don’t have that – you can find a small shop area where you can take your baked goods and sell them from there. This way you will at least be running a legal business.

3. You can grow your home baking business successfully over time

With a proper business strategy and very good planning, you can move your business from home to an actual shop. All you need to do; is to ensure you run a profitable business and make sure you’re doing things the right way using effective business strategies.

If you would like guidance and help in learning or streamlining effective systems you can run in your bakery business to help you achieve success, you can join our business mentorship program.

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As always, thank you so much for reading. I hope you found the content helpful. If you did, let us know what you found most helpful in the comments below.

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Published by Amari

Baking with Amari offers learning experiences in form of short baking and cake decorating classes. We have a baking workshop at Discounts Arcade, Shop no. 51 on Ngong road (Adams Arcade area next to The Green House), in Nairobi that offers baking & cake decoration learning experiences for those who want to learn what bakers and cake decorators do in a practical/hands on Bakery kitchen. We have both online and practical/physical classes. We also offer baking business start-up training and group mentorship as well via our Baking for Profit Program. We also sell locally tested baking recipe books (soft copy & printed books).

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