Baking for Business mentorship 2023

Attention all home bakers and small bakery shop owners! Are you ready to turn your Followers into actual cake clients? Want to learn how to build an unforgettable Cake brand and develop products that will be easy to sell and grow a profitable baking business? INTAKE IS NOW OPEN for our 12-month Online Baking forContinue reading “Baking for Business mentorship 2023”

Costing and Pricing class for Home Bakers in Nairobi in October 2022

Would you like to learn how to cost and price your cakes and pastries in a practical class setting? If you’re a home baker looking to either start or you’re already selling your cakes and pastries but you’re not sure if you’ve done proper costing and pricing for your cakes and you want to makeContinue reading “Costing and Pricing class for Home Bakers in Nairobi in October 2022”

How to start and run baking classes

Are you an experienced baker who’s looking to INCREASE your income by sharing your skills and knowledge with others by offering baking or cake decoration classes? But you’re UNSURE as to where to start or even how to cost and ensure that your student learns what you teach them. Or even what to consider whenContinue reading “How to start and run baking classes”

Baking for Business Mentorship for Home Bakers starting in February 2022

The TWO main reasons why you won’t be able to GROW your home baking business this year.. 1 – You don’t have CLARITY on exactly what you offer as a baking business – this means that you’re trying to see what customers want and then you offer them that product (this is not very sustainableContinue reading “Baking for Business Mentorship for Home Bakers starting in February 2022”

Types of Sugars Used for Baking and Cake Decoration

In this post we share the various types of sugars used by bakers. We have covered 8 types of sugars used by bakers for baking and cake decoration

Production Systems you need to run your Baking Business

Are you struggling with the smooth running of your bakery kitchen? This blog post is for you. Hello, if you’re new to this blog – welcome. We share Baking Recipes, Cake Decoration Tutorials and Baking for Business Advice. If this is something you’re interested in, make sure to follow this blog and leave a commentContinue reading “Production Systems you need to run your Baking Business”

Online Costing and Pricing Class for Home Bakers & Small bakery shop owners

Sign up and join the Amari Online costing and pricing class for home bakers and Small bakery shop owners

3 Things you need to know Before Starting a Home Baking Business in Kenya

3 important points to note when starting a home-based baking business in Kenya