How to make Home-made Bread from Scratch

We shared a video with a step by step tutorial on how to make your own bread at home. This is a simple and easier method; best for home baking. If you have a small microwave size oven or a home cooker with an oven; you can make your own fresh bread at home. PleaseContinue reading “How to make Home-made Bread from Scratch”

Brown Vanilla Scones with sultanas recipe

Today is a good day to share a healthy brown scones recipe ^_^ So I’ve been testing out a new product that I ordered from Naisenya Foods and I love it! I’ve never baked with Vanilla Bean Paste before but I have always been curious about it. I saw that Naisenya Foods was offering itContinue reading “Brown Vanilla Scones with sultanas recipe”

Herbal Bread Recipe

It’s been a while since I posted a bread recipe so this is way overdue ^_^ I tried this recipe recently since I was testing out the Bakers’ flour from Premier Mills Ltd. I made a few changes on the ingredients from an original recipe and loved it. This herbal bread is especially great withContinue reading “Herbal Bread Recipe”

5 Tips to Help a beginner Bread baker

If you’re not very seasoned in the bread-making process. Here are a few tips that will help you if you’re just a beginner bread maker.   1. Be Well Prepared Make sure you read your recipe twice before starting the baking process so as to understand the instructions well and to make sure you haveContinue reading “5 Tips to Help a beginner Bread baker”

Fried Yeast Donuts Recipe

Here’s an easy Donut recipe made with yeast. Hope you love it! Fried Yeast Donuts Ingredients: Directions: Fry all the donuts (P/S: You can fry at least 1 or 2 minutes each side; depending on how brown you want them. Deeper color; 2 – 3 minutes each side). Place them on a tray lined withContinue reading “Fried Yeast Donuts Recipe”

5 Important things to know about yeast

We’ve decided to start sharing bread product tips and recipes. Hope this is helpful to you in your bread making projects. Bread (Courtesy: Yeast is the raising agent used in the bread making process. Here are some interesting things to know about yeast while planning your next bread making project. 1.    Yeast is AliveContinue reading “5 Important things to know about yeast”

3 Different kinds of yeasts and how to use them

When baking bread products, you have a choice of three kinds of yeasts to use. Different bakers have their own preferences and no one choice is better than the other. White Bread (Courtesy: Bakers can also use what is easily available, for example, in Nairobi; Active Dry yeast & Instant yeast are more easilyContinue reading “3 Different kinds of yeasts and how to use them”