Celebrating Amari Bakers & Bakerettes

This has been an amazing year for Amari so far and a large part of that is because of our baking class students as well as our workshop attendees.

That’s why I will share what we’ve been up to with some of our students and share their amazing baking work after they learned how to bake with us for the first quarter of 2016 (January to April). Long post alert ^_^ – totally worth it though!

Our major training project for January was a small bakery business start-up in Ruai called Fair to Good Bakery. I got to train the wonderful staff of the small bakery and they were able to start-up a small bakery that bakes cakes and cupcakes.

PicMonkey Collage
Learning how to bake cakes& decorate them in Ruai

There was also an external group training in Thika funded by Circle4Life Foundation. I was honored to train the attendees on how to bake bread & cakes using a Cookswell Charcoal oven. These skills were to help them start an income generating activity to support their lives.

Circle4Life pictorial_Amari group trainings
Wonderful day of baking at Thika thanks to Circle4Life Foundation

We also had a student in January who took the Basic Bread making & pastries short course. Bakerette Mariam commuted from Naivasha everyday for 3 sessions to take this course.

Mariam Naivasha stdnt collage_Amari Classes
Student Mariam learning how to bake & decorate pastries
Scones and Pizza from Mariam after Amari classes
Scones & pizza by Mariam after the classes

She’s now baking scones & pastries for her small hotel based in Naivasha.

In February, we were quite busy. We had an amazing set of bakerettes in our Basic Cake making short course where they learned how to bake cakes and decorate them.

Feb Friday Cake Basic Class group photo
(Left to Right) Students Anne, Lydia, Emily & Jane – February class

It was such an honor getting to teach these lovely and fun ladies. They came from different areas. Anne from Ngong town, Lydia would travel from Thika every Friday to come join us, Emily from Kahawa West and Jane from Kikuyu town. They are still practicing their baking to date and three of them have started small home-based baking businesses.

FebBasic Class After class baking pics_Amari
Our February Bakerettes have really become seasoned bakers – so proud!

You can order from Bakerette Anne Njoki: her number is 0725864863 or email: njokianne15@gmail.com. She’s based in Ngong town & she offers delivery in Nairobi.

Bakerette Jane Macharia can be reached on: 0722235552; based in Kikuyu town.

Bakerette Lydia Kemunto is now based in Kisii and can take orders on: 0711870556

We also had a student by the name of Meena in February who took our Intermediate Cake Making & decoration course. She knew the basics of baking but wanted to increase her knowledge and be a better baker.

Amari Bakerette Meena – former Intermediate Class student

She truly learned and continues to practice her baking at home for her family & family functions.

Meena after class pics_Amari Baking Classes
Bakerette Meena has been busy baking & decorating after the class – amazing!

She also has a food & baking blog called Tingle-Ure-Tastebuds – please visit & follow it.

We also had another Student Anne who also took the Basic Cake Making & Decoration baking class in February. Anne is a student taking a course in the hotel industry & required a short course to help her specialize in cake making & decoration. She’s based in Kibera. Anne was a wonderful student with a hunger to learn.

Student Anne Otoba collage_Amari Baking classes
Bakerette Anne hard at work

We also had a customized 3 session baking class for a lovely student called Grace who wanted to learn how to bake using a Cookswell charcoal oven. She learned how to bake & decorate cakes, as well as how to bake bread & scones. She has now started a home-based bakery in Jamuhuri Estate.

Student Grace Ngii during her class - February 2016-WM
Student Grace Ngii and her lovely work ^_^
Grace Baking After collage_Amari Classes
Bakerette Grace’s delicious work after the baking class

We also held our book launch and business workshop in February where we had many bakerettes from different parts of Nairobi – including some of our former students attend. We launched the book “How to Startup a Small Bakery Business Successfully” and had business guest speakers who gave insightful advice. We had a blast!

Feb Book launch pictorial_Amari Quickbreads
Lots of motivation & launched the bakery start-up book

In March, we had another set of students for our Friday Basic Cake Making and Decoration short course. They were lovely ladies who were very eager to learn how to bake & decorate cakes. Student Rose & Sheila commuted all the way from Eastlands. Student Rachael is based in Kawangware and Student Gladys came every Friday all the way from Kerugoya.

March Bakerettes 2016- Cake making and Deco last class
(left to right) Amari Students Rose, Rachael, Sheila & Gladys

Bakerettes Rose, Rachael & Sheila are now baking at home for their families. Bakerette Gladys is baking for business in Kerugoya in her small hotel.

Gladys cake After class _Amari baking classes
Gladys’ delish work for her customers.

We also had a Basic Bread making and Pastries class in March as well on Fridays. We had two students: Student Andrew from Kawangware who had just completed High School and was looking to learn a skill that will help him start an income generating baking business. We also had Student Anne who was a return customer learning how to bake breads & pastries. They were both great students who are now baking for business.

Andrew Bread making March class collage
Baker Andrew learning how to bake bread & delicious pastries!
Anne Njoki Bread class pictorial_Amari Baking classes
Bakerette Anne came back to learn how to bake bread, scones & even Pizza!

We also had a student from Thika called Joyce who joined our Intermediate Cake Making & Decoration Course. She was perfecting her baking skills in order to start a small bakery shop in Thika.

Joyce-Thika Intermediate class pictorial
Bakerette Joyce learning how to make delicious cakes to start a baking business

Mariam was also one of our students who took a weekday Basic Cake Making & decoration class. She learned how to bake & decorate cakes – she was quite a fast learner! ^_^

Mariam March Student_
Bakerette Mariam was an amazing student ^_^

She’s been baking at home and is setting up to start a small baking business soon.

Mariam After class pics _ Amari baking classes
Bakerette Mariam has been busy practicing after her classes – beautiful!

In April some of our students who took the Basic Cake Making & Decoration short course came on Saturday; student Hellen from Ndwaru road (our neighbour ^_^) and student Sylvia from Satellite, Riruta. They both wanted to learn how to bake for their families at home and to be able to decorate birthday cakes for their family members.

April Sat Basic Class pictorial_Amari classes
Bakerette Hellen & Sylvia had lots of fun learning to bake & decorate cake ^_^

Another student who joined our weekday Basic Cake Making short course was Pauline. She learned ho w to bake & decorate cakes and continued practicing after her class.

Pauline Basic cake class pictorial_Amari Baking classes
Bakerette Pauline learned how to bake & decorate cakes & beautiful cupcakes.

Bakerette Pauline has now started a small home baking side business, she’s based in Uthiru.

Pauline after clss pics_Amari Baking Classes
Bakerette Pauline is baking & now selling her cake products ^_^

We had another external training in April in Kitale with a lovely group of young ladies from Esther Home – a rescue home for young mothers. I was hosted by a lovely bakerette named Pauline Mwangi who runs the home with her husband.

Pauline baking work - collage
Pauline is an amazing baker who creates beautiful & delicious cakes

Pauline is also an expert baker in her own right and has started a bakery shop in Kitale town. If you’re in Kitale and want some cake, let me know and I’ll give you her contact.

Esther Home Kitale Group training_Amari
Group training at Esther Home in Kitale – learning how to bake & decorate cakes

The young ladies learned how to bake and decorate cakes in order to learn a skill that will empower them to be able to start income generating activities.

We also held a Bakery Business Masterclass in April and the topic of discussion on that day was how to cost and price your products among other important topics.

Amari April Masterclass - attendees
The attendees definitely gained a lot of insight in our April Masterclass

Click on this link to get more information on what was covered. It was a very insightful session with special guest Grace Wanjama, Owner of Cakes.co.ke.

Amari April Masterclass - Grace Speaking
Grace of Cakes & Cakes sharing her very valuable insight on choosing a location

All of us at Amari have had a wonderful first quarter in 2016 and we know it’s just going to get even more exciting as we continue. We’re grateful to all our fans, students and supporters. Thanks for staying connected and following us in this wonderful baking journey. It’s truly an honor and we’ll make sure to keep posting more about baking and all about the business of baking as well!

Stay tuned and be blessed! Share this post and make a baker or bakerette happy ^_^

If you would like to join any of our baking classes, you can call/text: 0701796688 to get more information and/or schedule a visit to our bakery workshop. You can also email: amaribreads@gmail.com. Click on this link to see upcoming class dates.

If you would like to sign up for classes at a later date, sign up via email at this link and we’ll send you updates of all our upcoming classes.

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Baking with Amari offers learning experiences in form of short baking and cake decorating classes. We have a baking workshop at Discounts Arcade, Shop no. 51 on Ngong road (Adams Arcade area next to The Green House), in Nairobi that offers baking & cake decoration learning experiences for those who want to learn what bakers and cake decorators do in a practical/hands on Bakery kitchen. We have both online and practical/physical classes. We also offer baking business start-up training and group mentorship as well via our Baking for Profit Program. We also sell locally tested baking recipe books (soft copy & printed books).

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  1. Hello, can I pls get all the books that you have been selling about how to start a bakery business. Is it possible to get all the right ups about bakery business from equipments needed to pricing the end product. Thanks and God bless your day On Jun 27, 2016 2:48 PM, “Amari Quickbreads Bakery” wrote:

    > Maureen Kamari posted: “This has been an amazing year for Amari so far and > a large part of that is because of our baking class students as well as our > workshop attendees. That’s why I will share what we’ve been up to with our > students and share their amazing baking work after th” >

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    1. Hi Annette, yes you can get the books. Only one book is available on print, that is “How to Startup a small bakery business successfully” you can buy it in town for 500/- or get the PDF version via email for 250/-. there is a basic business plan template included that has some equipment mentioned, but there is no book with only equipment specified since equipment required for a baking business is usually based on the niche you want to start the business in – however there are many more E-books coming up and If we do one like that, I’ll let you know. As for the pricing, it’s only available in E-publication format via email as a PDF for 200/-. If you would like to get those available – please email me on: amaribreads@gmail.com, thanks.


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