Chocolate Cookies Recipe

For today’s Flavor Friday feature, we’re going to share a chocolate cookie recipe! Very delicious, hope you like it. We sure did ^_^ Chocolate Cookies Ingredients: * 11/2C  All-Purpose Flour * 1/4t   Baking Powder * 1/4C   Cocoa Powder * 1  Large Egg * 1t        Vanilla Essence * 1/2C    Margarine (or Butter) * 1/2 C      … More Chocolate Cookies Recipe

Vanilla Cookies Recipe

Today’s recipe is a simple, delicious vanilla cookie. These were great with milk, they’re really easy to make! Yummy Vanilla Cookies Ingredients: All-Purpose Flour – 2 cups Baking Powder     – 1 tspn Margarine            – 1 c Sugar                   – 1 c Vanilla Essence    – 2 tspn Egg                   … More Vanilla Cookies Recipe