Amari Baking & Decoration Online classes in August 2021

We’ll be having our monthly online classes in August. For those who have signed up for our online classes and are truly committed to practicing; we’ve had success with them as they watch the videos and practice what they learn. If you would like to sign up for the online classes; make sure you’re fullyContinue reading “Amari Baking & Decoration Online classes in August 2021”

Production Systems you need to run your Baking Business

Are you struggling with the smooth running of your bakery kitchen? This blog post is for you. Hello, if you’re new to this blog – welcome. We share Baking Recipes, Cake Decoration Tutorials and Baking for Business Advice. If this is something you’re interested in, make sure to follow this blog and leave a commentContinue reading “Production Systems you need to run your Baking Business”

Online Costing and Pricing Class for Home Bakers & Small bakery shop owners

Sign up and join the Amari Online costing and pricing class for home bakers and Small bakery shop owners

3 Things you need to know Before Starting a Home Baking Business in Kenya

3 important points to note when starting a home-based baking business in Kenya

Why I Quit My Job To Start A Baking Business

Are you looking to quit your job and start a small baking business? This blog post is for you. Hi everyone, my name is Maureen Kamari, founder of Amari Baking Center and Author of How to Start Up a Small Baking Business. In this blog we share decoration tutorials, baking tips and baking for businessContinue reading “Why I Quit My Job To Start A Baking Business”

5 Business Systems Required In Your Baking Business

Top 5 business systems you need to set-up in a bakery business