Chocolate Buttercream Frosting Recipe for Flavor Friday

Today is Flavor Friday so we’re going to share a recipe with Chocolate in it since it’s our flavor of the month this March. ^_^ Today we’re sharing a Chocolate butter cream frosting recipe, it can be used on cakes or cupcakes.   Chocolate Butter cream Frosting Ingredients: * 11/2C Icing Sugar * 1/8 CContinue reading “Chocolate Buttercream Frosting Recipe for Flavor Friday”

Marble Cupcakes Recipe

Since we started our “Flavor Friday” feature where we highlight a recipe of the flavor of the month, this week we’re going to share a very delicious recipe for Marble Cupcakes. They are truly delicious, we loved them, hope you do too ^_^ Marble Cupcakes   Marble Cupcakes Ingredients: – 2 C All-Purpose flour –Continue reading “Marble Cupcakes Recipe”

Red Velvet Mini Cupcakes recipe

We are going to share a recipe for our current flavor of the month Red Velvet. Our recipe for this week is Red Velvet Mini-cupcakes with butter cream frosting. Ingredients: 11/2c All-Purpose Flour 11/2t Baking Powder 1T Cocoa Powder 1/2c Sugar 1/2c Margarine 1 Large Egg (beaten) 1t Vanilla Essence 1t White Vinegar 1/2c ButtermilkContinue reading “Red Velvet Mini Cupcakes recipe”

Christmas Home Baking Ideas in Nairobi

For the holiday festivities, after a hearty Christmas meal, dessert is definitely a must. That’s where we come in ^_^! We are here to help out with your home-baking for Christmas this season. If you’re not sure what to bake this Christmas, check out some of our previous recipe posts that will be good ideasContinue reading “Christmas Home Baking Ideas in Nairobi”

Yellow cake Frosted Cupcakes topped with strawberries

Since we’re still in the Strawberry season, I figured cupcakes topped with strawberries were in order ^_^ No food coloring was used to give the cup-cakes their yellow color, our secret is local (Kienyeji) eggs. Their yolk is very yellow. Here is the recipe: Chocolate Frosting topped with a Strawberry ^_^ Ingredients: -11/2 cups All-Purpose flourContinue reading “Yellow cake Frosted Cupcakes topped with strawberries”

Strawberry & Banana Smoothie for this Strawberry Season!

 It’s Strawberry Season! I’m very excited because my mum has being doing some Strawberry Farming and they have fruited, yay!! Strawberries straight from the farm! So lot’s of Strawberry smoothies & Strawberry baked products. Like this yellow cupcakes topped with strawberries. Click here for that recipe. Well, here is a Strawberry & Banana smoothie. StrawberryContinue reading “Strawberry & Banana Smoothie for this Strawberry Season!”

Delicious Apple Cinnamon Cake Recipe

I wanted to share a cake recipe that I truly love, (even without Frosting), yup. I love apples, and anything apple-like; apple juice, apple pie, apple cake. So I baked an Apple Mini-Cake for my family the other day and we ate it warm. It was so delicious, that I decided to share it^_^ HereContinue reading “Delicious Apple Cinnamon Cake Recipe”

8 Steps to a very Healthy Herbal Juice in Nairobi!

For those who love baked goods but wonder how to find a balance of eating baked goodies and still staying healthy – I’ve got something you’ll like. I suggest a balance of maintaining a healthy diet of good foods and beverages while indulging in a bit of sweet foods and baked goodies ^_^! I’ve decided toContinue reading “8 Steps to a very Healthy Herbal Juice in Nairobi!”

Tangy Banana Smoothie

For today, I’m going to share a smoothie recipe that I generally make mostly because it has ingredients that are very easily accessible (hint-I use them on fruit breads, which are a particular favorite of mine) and easy to use. Try it out: Tangy Banana Smoothie Ingredients: – 9 pcs Ripe Bananas (Regular size) –Continue reading “Tangy Banana Smoothie”

Delicious Sugar Cookies Recipe

I made some sugar cookies and shared the picture on our Facebook page and lots of people loved it, so I’ve decided to share the recipe! Indulge in this sinfully delicious sugar cookies. Sugar Cookies!! Ingredients: – 3/4 cup Sugar – 3/4 cup Margarine – 1 Egg – 1 teaspoon Vanilla Essence – 2 1/2Continue reading “Delicious Sugar Cookies Recipe”