Delicious and Moist Cinnamon Tea Cake Recipe baked with a Cookswell Oven

Today’s recipe is a favorite, Cinnamon Tea Cake – we LOVE cinnamon ^_^ Very pleased with the results since it came out very moist and delicious. Of course it’s baked with an energy saving charcoal oven from Cookswell and the results are the same as if baked from an electric or gas oven, possibly evenContinue reading “Delicious and Moist Cinnamon Tea Cake Recipe baked with a Cookswell Oven”

7 Easy Steps to Torte and Decorate a Mini-Cake with Royal Icing

Today’s recipe will be Royal Icing and how to torte a cake and decorate with it. You may be wondering what ‘torting’ is – if you don’t already know; torting a cake is taking a layer of cake you have baked and slicing it into many layers. Lemon Mini-cake with Royal icing This is aContinue reading “7 Easy Steps to Torte and Decorate a Mini-Cake with Royal Icing”

Lavender Mini-Cookies Recipe

Today’s recipe is a favorite – it has Lavender in it and we ‘heart’ lavender ^_^ Lavender Flower This cookie recipe uses fresh lavender herbs (leaves & flowers), however if you can get dried lavender leaves and flowers as well, you can use them. Make sure you use half of the stated ingredients below sinceContinue reading “Lavender Mini-Cookies Recipe”

Delicious Green Cherry Fruit Cake Recipe baked with a charcoal oven

It has been a while since a recipe was posted so we’re definitely making sure we remedy that ^_^ Today’s recipe is a fruit cake with dried fruits and green cherries. The green cherries were left over from a previous order, so wanted to put them to good use. They are the glace kind, justContinue reading “Delicious Green Cherry Fruit Cake Recipe baked with a charcoal oven”

Chocolate Cookies Recipe

For today’s Flavor Friday feature, we’re going to share a chocolate cookie recipe! Very delicious, hope you like it. We sure did ^_^ Chocolate Cookies Ingredients: * 11/2C  All-Purpose Flour * 1/4t   Baking Powder * 1/4C   Cocoa Powder * 1  Large Egg * 1t        Vanilla Essence * 1/2C    Margarine (or Butter) * 1/2 C     Continue reading “Chocolate Cookies Recipe”

Vanilla Cookies Recipe

Today’s recipe is a simple, delicious vanilla cookie. These were great with milk, they’re really easy to make! Yummy Vanilla Cookies Ingredients: All-Purpose Flour – 2 cups Baking Powder     – 1 tspn Margarine            – 1 c Sugar                   – 1 c Vanilla Essence    – 2 tspn Egg                  Continue reading “Vanilla Cookies Recipe”

Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

This week’s recipe is a pastry recipe. A personal favorite – Cinnamon Rolls ^_^! Delicious Cinnamon Rolls! You can also add raisins in this recipe to make it truly delicious and if you would like, add some royal icing on it. Hope you have fun baking these as much as we did! Ingredients: All-Purpose Flour –Continue reading “Cinnamon Rolls Recipe”

Marble Mini-Loaf Cake Recipe

The recipe we’re sharing today is a delicious Marble Mini-Loaf Cake Recipe. We decided not to frost ours, but as always, you can choose to frost yours if you would like. Hope you enjoy trying it out at home ^_^ Ingredients: All-Purpose Flour – 1 1/2 cup Baking Powder     – 1 1/2 tspnContinue reading “Marble Mini-Loaf Cake Recipe”

Ginger Cake Recipe

The recipe we’re going to share today is Ginger Cake. It’s a very delicious spicy cake that can be enjoyed with or without any frosting. If you would like to, however, feel free to frost it ^_^ Ingredients: 2 c      All-Purpose Flour 2t        Baking Powder 2t        GroundContinue reading “Ginger Cake Recipe”

Fried Yeast Donuts Recipe

Here’s an easy Donut recipe made with yeast. Hope you love it! Fried Yeast Donuts Ingredients: Directions: Fry all the donuts (P/S: You can fry at least 1 or 2 minutes each side; depending on how brown you want them. Deeper color; 2 – 3 minutes each side). Place them on a tray lined withContinue reading “Fried Yeast Donuts Recipe”